Out Live

Out Live

A sweeping, epic tale of a martial arts warrior who attempts to defy a kingdom to be with his love.

A sweeping, epic tale of a martial arts warrior who attempts to defy a kingdom to be with his love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beverly K (nl) wrote: Fantastic! I hope there are more stories about these creatures & this wonderful, magical world!

Michael T (jp) wrote: Concert docs don't get much better than this...add one more star if you're a Stones fan.

Igor Y (de) wrote: Umm... not a bad addition to the mumblecore family... it feels so cheap and amateurish, but since I know thats what these movies are supposed to feel like, I won't take it out on the filmmaker. If you even know what this movie is and are visiting the facebook page for it, then you'll probably want to check it out. its got some good moments in it.

Shawn B (es) wrote: Heart. One word that means so much, not only in this movie, but in every aspect of life. Anybody can be a great athlete, musician, politician, or teacher, but the really, really great ones stand out because of their heart. From Bill Russell to Jack White to Abraham Lincoln to my 10th grade Biology teacher Mr. Miller, they all had heart and were separated from their peers because of it. And if you have heart, sometimes you don't have to have all the talent in the world, as is the case with Calvin Marshall. Calvin is played by 23 year old Alex Frost, whom you may (or may not) remember from Gus Van Zandt's Elephant, or the main bad kid from Drillbit Taylor. Here he plays a, lets face it, a pretty terrible baseball player, but with hopes and admirations of being a professional baseball player. The other problem is, he's been cut the past three years by his junior college baseball team. But this year is different, and he manages to pull at his Coach's heartstrings and talks him into sort of being on the team. Coach Little sees a bit more in him than his assistant coach, but knows that he'll never quite make it. Steve Zahn is down right amazing in his portrayal of a former Minor League player, settling for a coaching job because even he wasn't good enough for the Majors. If anybody knows what it takes to get there, its Coach Little, as he attempts to prepare Calvin for options in case he can't get there either. But Little wasn't quite prepared for the "heart" that Calvin proves he has and Calvin wasn't quite prepared to fall in love with the new star volleyball player, Tori Jensen. Tori is played by Michelle Lombardo, a very tall, beautiful brunette who got her start in the Adam Sandler film Click. Tori has turned down several 4-year offers from major universities to stay home with her parents as her Mother is sick and dying. This for me, was one of the more sad things I remember seeing lately. I couldn't help but tear up as she sat by her Mother's side getting her drinks and being there for her. Eventually Calvin and Tori start to see each other and finally hook up, but Calvin has fallen in love with her. Sadly for Calvin, Tori doesn't feel the same. Everything in his life seems to have taken a turn for the worse. But when the worst is presented in front of us, those with heart have the ability to power on and see things through. And like I've said, Calvin definitely has heart! The ensamble cast also features Jeremy Sumpter (Sasquatch Gang), Andrew Wilson, Diedrich Bader (!) and the always lovable Abraham Benrubi in great supporting roles and Gary Lundgren writes and directs his first feature film. With all those parts all working in unison, its no wonder this film works on so many levels. Ross has done it again!

Auli H (kr) wrote: A crime drama that picture 'the evil' and emotions when facing it.

Matt M (kr) wrote: From a graphic novel comes this unexciting tale of a Tibetan Buddhist monk who is also the protector of an ancient scroll, and has to keep it away from a determined Nazi. Usual stereotypes, with the usual sidekicks and usual storyline.

sab p (ru) wrote: predictable but had some laughs. of course, it had to end that way. neil diamond fandom movie.

Paul B (ru) wrote: The content was very interesting. The film itself wasn't. The only one who could act was the Tamara character. This looks like a well shot home movie with characters who couldn't act all that well. apparently the main characters mother and another elderly woman are the only two straight people in Philadelphia. But she did have a great topic. Had this just remained a documentary style as she intended it would have been much better.

Kenny V (us) wrote: I have no idea what this odd, offbeat dramedy is about. But I found it to be utterly fascinating and I would watch it over and over again just to understand it.

Fong K (ru) wrote: viewed on 5/9/04 (Sun)I scoffed at this Jim Carrey movie when it was released. I was truly puzzled that no one seemed to mind this irritating 'talented' comedian. Over the years I grow to respect him. THE TRUMAN SHOW. MAN ON THE MOON. I would like to see Jim Carrey be seriously taken by Oscars one day. I think if I watched this movie earlier, I would have changed my opinions about Mr Carrey even before THE TRUMAN SHOW.I remember when I was browsing for titles for some light entertainment, I wanted to borrow this one but it was always on loan. When I finally found it, I grabbed it like a kid would. I wasn't expecting a great movie but just for a few laughs. I like the story idea but I did not seriously think they will move it to a higher ground. Hee... I am wrong. It actually moves me. Yes. I laughed at Jim Carrey's outrageous antics. How did he do all that without getting hurt? I like the part when he tells his son that some people make a good living making funny faces. Haaa... only an idiot cannot tell it is a reference to himself. Yes. Good living and this is a good movie. He really make good use of his rubber face. There are some really touching moments. I surprise myself when I do not even feel goose pimples when Jim Carrey sprouts those 'mushy' lines. Hey. He is so sincere that you will also believe he is serious for once. I love Jim Carrey even more in his interviews. I see him as a serious and professional actor, who respects comedies, with a big big sense of humour. Plus he is not a show-off as I have always perceived. Rating: B+

Leena L (ru) wrote: Beautiful scenery, youthful angst and relationships. Bonus: Lars Mikkelsen as the suffering father. Worthy of the time for the sea shores alone!