Out of Control

Out of Control

A man named Jaswinder (Ritesh Deshmukh) goes to the United States of America promising his parents that he will return soon and his sister marriage will be set. In America in a night club he meets an American girl named Sally (Brande Roderick) and marries her for his visa. He obviously forgets to remember the promise he made that he would go back to India. Meanwhile in India his parents have found him a new bride, typical Punjabi kudi, Richa (Hrishitaa Bhatt). His sister calls him to America by telling him that his father had a heart-attack, but that is the way they could bring him back to India.

When his work permit expires in New York, Jaswinder Bedi gets married to a bar dancer, Sally Turner, and moves in with her. When he is informed that his Patiala-based father, Jatta Singh ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna Q (us) wrote: I want to see this, if only for the intensity of the dance competition.

Kenneth W (ag) wrote: Don't see it, just wasting your time

Prashanth R (it) wrote: One of the most powerful and captivating movies I've seen. I loved the fact that it showcased a lot of the different Indian languages (although English is most prominent) and how it explored the vicious religious conflicts in the mountainous countryside. It's always something you hear about in the Indian news. "Oh, such and such people burned down this Hindu/Muslim village." But this movie brought it to life and did it in a beautifully poignant way. Also, it has two of my favorite Indian actors: Rahul Bose and Konkona Sen Sharma. They're both just naturals at acting - some of the best I've seen, in any country, that can properly emote with just their faces. And they shared such awesome chemistry that it was totally believable and real.

Steve S (es) wrote: jeezus. What a freaking propaganda film. I fear for what the united states may become in the future but damn, i really fear for the world if china gains ascendancy. Dear god, what a hive mind, what a lack of concern for the individual.

Tim S (fr) wrote: Cohen and Tate came as a surprise to me because I hadn't really ever heard of it before receiving it. It stars Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin as two hit men. After killing his parents, they kidnap a little boy to deliver him to mobsters in Houston. Along the way, the two become rivals and go through hell trying to keep track of the kid. Personally, I found the film to be pretty good, but not much more than mediocre, I'm afraid. I like how dark it is and how it doesn't really pull many punches when it comes to the violence, but the kid annoyed me to no end with his incessant whining and crying. This had the potential to be a really tight thriller with some class, but classy it isn't. It works well enough but doesn't warrant a second viewing.

Colton R (ru) wrote: The film about Mohandas Gandhi's life follows the most important parts of his struggles, and it begins with Gandhi as a Hindu lawyer in South Africa. After being subject to racism, he begins to assemble nonviolent campaigns of resistance with some of his fellow countrymen. Gandhi returns to India as the leader of the passive, nonviolent movement of protest against the British government, eventually leading India to liberate themselves from Great Britain. However, Gandhi could not rely solely on charisma to solve the growing division between India's Hindu and Muslim populations, which led to Pakistan declaring independence from India. As Gandhi tried to end the bloodshed between India and Pakistan, he was shot and killed by a Hindu nationalist.This movie cinematically was a good portrayal of the struggles of Gandhi, and Ben Kingsley did an amazing job at playing Mohandas Gandhi. Ravi Shankar composed the music for this film, and it adds to the film's value overall. This movie beat E.T. to win Best Picture in 1982, so it is highly received by critics. Some of the scenes were visually very striking, and the camerawork is superbly choreographed. This movie shows how the aspects of nonviolent protest that Gandhi practiced and promoted display the Hindu aspects of nonviolence, which eventually led to India's independence. However, the conflicts between the Muslim population (Pakistan) and the majority Hindu population of the rest of the country created war between the two territories. A lot of positive religious tones can be taken from this movie in regards to the nonviolent protest movement, but the years of war between Hindus and Muslims and the assassination of Gandhi by a Hindu nationalist clearly show the unfortunate realities when people close their minds to another's beliefs and pick up weapons instead of dialogue with one another.

Nick D (kr) wrote: fun family entertainment. few good belly laughs and some genuine heart warming family moments.

Jason T (it) wrote: If you enjoyed previous night at the museum movies you enjoy this one as well. It's not as good as the first one but it's better than the second one. The movie is cute with a great cast even if a lot of the jokes come off pretty cheesy. The movie doesn't really break any new ground and feels small in scale.

Gabriel C (nl) wrote: Combining Yorgos Lanthimos' dystopian frame with pitch-black humor and the committed efforts of a talented cast, The Lobster is an original, thought-provoking and engrossing masterpiece.