Out of Reach

Out of Reach

Vietnam veteran Billy Ray Lancing, a former CSA agent who now works on a wildlife refuge in Northern Alaska, has been exchanging letters in a pen-pal relationship with Irina Morawska, a 13-year-old orphaned girl in Poland that he's helping out financially. When the letters suddenly stop coming, Billy heads to Poland to figure out why -- only to discover that the orphanage that Irina was staying in, which is financed by honest -- and unsuspecting -- good-intentioned Samaritans, is a cover for a human trafficking network.

Billy Ray Lansing, a former covert agent turned survivalist, discovers that the foster program he is using to help a young girl is actually a human trafficking network. Lancing heads overseas to find the girl and shut down the operation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry W (kr) wrote: Although not the traditional animated movie I would find at cinemas, spotting the trailer for Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants and finding it looked silly and colourful, I decided to give it a shot.Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants presents much potential in the first half of the film but goes very scattered in its second act, leaving it unfocused and full.During the first half of Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants, there are a few laughs, a bit of fun, and the introduction to the titular ants who all team up to collect a lunchbox full of sugar cubes and return it home. The focus of the story on the Ladybug protagonist isn't that interesting, but when it becomes teamed up with an ambitious team of black ants, the story becomes interesting. For a while, the story is interesting, but then suddenly it has nowhere to go. Towards the end of the feature, there is a pointless and extensive scene where the Ladybug goes after a Spider to get matches. 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The second half of Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants wastes its potential on repetitive scenes and a lack of sufficient humour to justify it. So in the end, Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants proves to be ok in parts busy rudimentary as a whole as well as a bit too long and slow for its own good.Admittedly, it is difficult for a TV series like Minuscule to expand into a feature length film with a 89 minute running time, so it was an ambitious move on behalf of directors Helene Giraud and Thomas Szabo to expand it. But as a whole it is rather rudimentary. Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants could be enhanced if about 20 minutes or more of it were cut out because then the pacing would have sped up to match the rate it moved at during the first half. 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The look of the characters is silly in a fun way, and their actions and movements manages to be rather funny at times, although overall it is rather sporadically funny. I will admit I had a few laughs and was left smiling thanks to the childish charm in Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants I felt myself constantly smiling. The animation in the film is fun and childish, and maintains the same kind of colourful spirit maintained in the TV series of the same name.And the way that the animation combines with well shot scenery is great. Reminiscent of the Disney animated film Dinosaur, Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants combines its characters with some lovely French scenery which captures the beautiful sights of its natural countryside and shots such as rivers and anthills. 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And considering that the film goes all the way to the end without any dialogue whatsoever, it manages to do its job well enough. So although visually, Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants had some fun visual appeal to it and their are some good moments, as a whole it is rather slow, and its transition from television to cinema isn't as successful as the filmmakers may have expected.

Taryn F (br) wrote: It was funny, good Aussie cricket movie!

Bearded M (de) wrote: This incredibly low budget horror movie has no clue what it wants to be. It is a home invasion movie, then a kidnap movie, then a serial killer movie, then a killer hillbilly movie, and the worst part is that it does all of these equally bad. The acting is terrible across the board, the story is laughable, the direction is all over the place, like it was filmed by a 10 year old that was using all the new features on his camera phone, which it was probably shot on. I understand that this was a bad movie and it knows it, but that does not change the fact the it is awful on every level, well, except maybe for the poster, which was interesting enough to catch my eye and got me to watch this waste of time movie.1.5 Beards Out Of 5

Ilja S (ca) wrote: From a critcs perspective, this movie is garbage. But it entertained the hell out of me, and was popular enough to spawn 2 sequels and a 3rd rumored to come. Would watch this again at any time!

Efrain R (us) wrote: Nothing new here. Bush and his gang should be trailed for crimes against humanity. End of story.

Jonathan G (it) wrote: Funny sad one of best movies duels of all time overall highly recommend it Payne does it agin by giving us a another great story people dealing with lives harsh realities

Fahid C (ru) wrote: 1 of a kind crazy and funny

Prayer Warrior (nl) wrote: A powerful movie from start to finish.

Dave R (es) wrote: after a meteoric rise on wall street a stockbroker loses it all including his confidence. he becomes a bike messenger and learns some lessons about life.this is such an 80s movie - cheesy music, silly montages that add nothing to the plot and a belief that somehow watching people buy and sell on wall street is interesting on film (think: "trading places" - did you really understand what was going on in the stock market scene at the end?) but it wasn't a terrible movie.another strange thing about this movie is the geographic inaccuracies. the story is supposed to take place in manhattan but some scenes are obviously san francisco and others LA.

Aj V (us) wrote: Another 80s movie that looked back at the 60s. This one has a great cast, a pretty good late 60s feel, and a realistic story. I liked it.

stephannie E (mx) wrote: i had to watch this as a kid. my mom loves elvis and this was her favorite elvis movie.

Jay I (fr) wrote: slow. rare moments of good one-liners. over all: not worth it.

Prashant V (jp) wrote: The graphics are enthralling though the pace of the movie is real slow. I think its made only for LSD addicts. Lingering scenes and slow actions, Its plot is good but in between you do feel to just switch it off and see something else.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: ***It's a throwaway action movie: fun to watch, but never to be watched again. It's still better than Spectre though.

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