A drama about a woman who seems able to overcome everything for freedom, except for her past mistakes.

A drama about a woman who seems able to overcome everything for freedom, except for her past mistakes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Davi M (es) wrote: I get what they were trying to do but it was slow moving. ending was MEH.

Camille L (it) wrote: On doit vraiment passer pour des abrutis quand ce genre de film est vu a l'etranger. Non seulement le film est construit sur une structure desesperement binaire et moraliste, mais il est en plus ennuyeux (seule la sequence avec Sebastien Tellier est digne d'interet) mais en plus mal joue, mis en scene avec les pieds et mis en musique de maniere vomitive. Eric Judor est pas mal du tout, mais les autres, c'est une catastrophe.

David R (us) wrote: Stupid plot, but a very funny movie.

Private U (de) wrote: Some movies grab you because of an elaborate plot, some because of the special effects, others for great acting. Human Voices has nothing that you can really put your finger on but still manages to present a touching and beautiful film, it would appear to be the master of understatement. Whilst it appears to move at a gentle pace it gradually draws you into its intrigue and mystery until you are riveted to the piece before you. In an age of big budget epics, CGI special effects and bloodshed and gratuitous violence, this film is the perfect antidote, a film that takes its style from the golden age of classic cinema and gives it a contemporary finish. Dr Sam Franks (Guy Pearce) is returning to the town of his youth to fulfil the dying wish of his father, to bury him in a plot that he chose for himself years before his death. Franks is a solitary and reserved man, the image in many ways of his late father and the return to his childhood home forces him to have to face some painful events of the past. Through out his childhood he had one close friend, Silvy and they seem destined to become more deeply involved with each other until a tragic accident takes them away from each other. Whilst visiting the places of his youth he rescues a young woman (Helena Bonham-Carter) from suicide. The woman Ruby awakes after her ordeal to find her memory gone and together they set about trying to rebuild her past. As Dr Franks sets about trying to help her to regain what she has lost the two slowly become attracted to each other. What Franks realises is that Ruby has much in common with his childhood sweet heart, too much. Things that she says, does and the way she views the world causes him to question who Ruby really is. It is difficult to explain much about the plot without giving too much away, but suffice it to say that the story is touching and full of intrigue. The film is very much a two person act and the two leads play the parts wonderfully. There is a tranquillity to the film that is not often found in modern cinema and above all its a film that makes you think about the characters. Although the main thrust of the plot is fairly easily followed there are a number of conclusions that can be drawn from the events and which one you chose is dependant on your own beliefs and views of the world, life and mortality. Many themes are touched upon as the film moves through its paces, not only loss and how we deal with it, but the subject of death and the afterlife, as well as recurring patterns being inherited from father to son. There is a lot of subtle imagery used in the film, moths to lights being the obvious one and the whole use of recurring icons seems vaguely reminiscent of the avant garde movies of the sixties and you can see the influence of such films as Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries. There is a dreamlike feel to the story helped by the seductive look of the Australian countryside that the film is set against, and it is that dream quality that helps create the desired atmosphere to the story. Like the poetry that is prevalent in the story line, the whole film seems almost to be a poem set on film, and with that in mind the mix of realistic scenes and the more otherworldly scenarios, such as a Lady of Shalot style ending make more sense. As I said before it is difficult to go into very much detail without ruining the beauty of the story line, but if you are looking for something a bit out of pace with modern film making, something thought provoking, and relying on good acting and a story line that draws you in slowly, then this is the film for you.

Movies m (jp) wrote: Fantastic lesbian related movie~! You have to see it!

Tang W (es) wrote: My new favorite film. High school is a tough time for everyone especially if you're different. I feel like I really can relate to the film even though it was set in 1987. The actors are extremely good looking and talented. Plus, the music is pretty cool too =)

Mathew F (jp) wrote: No plot,no laughs,no..well..anything really..

Angela H (es) wrote: so many twists in this movie

Tina F (mx) wrote: One of my all time favourite movies.

jesse m (ru) wrote: For me, this is where they really dropped the ball. As an attempt to be a bookend to the series, this film fell flat on its face... in 3D! This has by far the worst Freddy make up job in the franchise... It looks like it was done with cheap Halloween make up. The character of Freddy is also just as woeful... some of the time anyways. In this film he is full on comedian which was hit and miss, but worse yet he lost what menacing edge he had left.The cast was actually pretty good, and certainly helped carry an otherwise ridiculous picture full of silly cameos, goofy references to Wizard of Oz and Nintendo, and some pretty bad special fx. Which leads to the biggest let down in horror history(at the time). His ultimate demise was not only reduced to cheap 3D gimmicks, but Freddy gets snuffed like a BITCH... as he would undoubtedly put it if he saw it. Not to mention the solution to "beating him" was already done the first time in Nightmare 1... How do they figure it would work THIS time??It's a tolerable film if you're a fan of the series with some amusing bits here and there, but Freddy's Dead was not what I would call a proper burial.

Marilee A (fr) wrote: Despicable what people.will do to cover up alcoholism