A mysterious warrior teams up with the daughter and son of a deposed Chinese Emperor to defeat their cruel Uncle, who seeks their deaths.

The story begins when Shing prince, the heir of throne, becomes target of his uncles assassinations. He has to rely on the help of two reluctant expedition warriors Arken and Gallain to protect Lian Princess and maintain his throne. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Outcast torrent reviews

Valentina K (nl) wrote: It was "okay." Nothing to see here, move along...

Pranith W (ag) wrote: If you watch this as a zombie-horror movie you wouldn't enjoy it, but as a comedy, it hits it's mark!

Jerry F (ag) wrote: Very slow, but somehow you must keep watching. Perhaps waiting for something spectacular, that never happens. Or are we hooked by the beautiful people ?

Brian B (es) wrote: This is one of the most horrifying movies ever made. But it doesn't just consist of violence. It has amazing performances, tense scenes, and a nail-biting finale which you won't ever forget for a very long time.2 detectives try to hunt down a psychopath as he kills people in grotesque ways based around the seven deadly sins.This movie contains several memorable scenes which have the tendency to knock you off guard. Besides the ending, another amazing scene is when they investigate the sloth victim. The gore is amazing but we get the jumpscare of our lives in it. I'm not going to spoil it though because otherwise I'll ruin it. Many people will agree that the ending is the best part by far. It is tense and suspenseful and it is completely unpredictable. It is one of the most memorable movie endings by far.Also, the acting is amazing also. In my opinion, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt both give one of their best performances yet. Morgan Freeman's also gives as amazing performance and it is rivaled only by his performance in The Shawshank Redemption.The acting worked real well because this movie did a great job with its choice of casting. Fincher probably looked at previous works of Freeman, Pitt, and Spacey's roles and he knew that they would be perfect for these roles and his casting choices really paid off.As much I want to give this movie a 10, there are a few scenes which I felt carried on a bit too long or were more slower-paced than the rest of the movie. There weren't too much that bothered me too an extensive degree though. However, I do think that this would've been a masterpiece if it weren't for those few scenes.Nobody thought much of Fincher when he directed Alien 3 and he was originally dismissed as just another style over substance director. However, he looked at the mistakes that movie made and he showed moviegoers with this movie that he is a talented director. Since then, he has made several more amazing movies (especially Fight Club) and he is now one of the more appreciated directors working today.In conclusion, Se7en is a near perfect movie. Sure, the pacing can be a bit slow at times but this is still an amazing crime drama and I think that this is one of the best crime movies ever made. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time and it contains one of the best finales to a movie ever. I understand why some people disliked this movie but none of the reasons affect my opinion of this movie and I think that it is a must-watch for everyone as long as you don't mind realistic violence and gore.

LJ L (us) wrote: Menos impactante que las demas peliculas de los hermanos Marx, desde el punto de vista de humor, este filme promete arrancarte bastantes carcajadas. El final es monumental, demente y gracioso. Basta con ver a Margaret Dumont ser disparada de un cannon.

lion o (au) wrote: very very good film 10 out of 10 from me

Ilja S (ru) wrote: The Wrath of Khan is intriguing, dark, well directed and an overall thrilling space movie. It is very much what everyone expected the first movie to be: it IS Star Trek. You can feel the vibe between the crew and the villain, there are emotional stakes, and the plot is rolled out extremely well.

Benjamin O (kr) wrote: This movie was way ahead of its time.

Francesca G (es) wrote: I just watched this movie for the first time today, and I loved it. Queen Latifah was so gangsta in this movie!