During the reign of the Vikings, a man from another world crash-lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator. The man must fuse his advanced technology with the weaponry of the vikings to fight the monster.

When an extraterrestrial spaceship comes crashing down to Earth during the reign of the Vikings, the Scandinavian plunderers get set to do battle with a most unusual enemy, a hellish, fire-breathing monster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles E (mx) wrote: i loved this, it was fun and reminded me of what made the original films great

Arunav C (ca) wrote: One of the best films ever to come out of bollywood. Great acting, its a shame not many people have watched it.

Jean D (it) wrote: I thought this was Tom Selleck's best performance. War is a strategic plan with multiple variables. It is the most high stakes gamble anyone can participate in. The wisdom and skill for wich General Eisenhower executed his plan knowing even in best scenario possible human lives were the price. I thought this was 5stars

Chucky (br) wrote: May 23rd 2009April 18th 2015

Vadim D (kr) wrote: This film isn't perfect, and there could have been issues in translating the story from stage to screen, but just as many of Mike Nichols' films, it is a pure joy to watch for the performances he is able to retrieve from his actors. It's also an intense film and takes a while to process, which makes me appreciate it even more.

Jrgen H (ru) wrote: Ubtsfilm, helt ok. Den va spnnande... :)

Todd S (ca) wrote: Before becoming household names, Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Selma Blair were all cast in an independent movie, that was so unlike anything we've seen to that point, that it led to the creation of many of the quirky road trip films we see today. 1994, In a Las Vegas, Pilot (Gyllenhaal) is a small time drug dealer, and his best friend, Jack (Leto) is doing a mobsters wife. Life seems great for these high school dropouts, until a series of screw ups lead to them becoming targets. After stopping for prostitutes, (because that's what guys on the run typically do) they embark on a trip to Seattle where they pick up a hitchhiker (Blair) and prove that they are every bit as crazy as they are funny. Eventually the group winds up in Seattle, for the memorial to Kurt Cobain, where things get even stranger. The talent of this young cast is evident right from the beginning of the film, and you won't believe the amazing things that happen to them during their epic road trip. There have been a lot of best friend teams in films like this, Bill & Ted, Harry & Lloyd, Alan & Phil, but I would say that despite being completely overlooked, Jack & Pilot may be the best of the bunch. This film clearly paved the way for the buddy road trip comedies that followed and did so in such a way, that I felt like I was back in the 90s, watching a true cult classic. I say it all the time, but films like this are the reason I watch so many independent films. Highway is worth every minute you spend on it and is an absolute must see movie!

Andy F (br) wrote: A contender for the worst sequel of all time. A witless, pointless and tedious film which tries to mimic aspects of the first movie and fails at every point. Appalling direction only adds to the mess.

Patrick M (fr) wrote: Oh my God. This one was just awesome! It is one of the most intense movies about life in the Bronx ever. Every scene was startling and realistic, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

Garret J (us) wrote: One of THE most underrated, underappreciated movies of all time. Stellar performances by three stellar women. Whoopi Goldberg shines as Jane; Mary-Louise Parker radiates as Robyn; and Drew Barrymore sparkles as Holly. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll wanna watch it over and over again.

(ru) wrote: Worth watching, inspirational.

Roxanne R (ru) wrote: Terrific! Clever and smart dialogue, very good script! Eve Arden steals the show as Miss Brooks, an assertive, smart, and great high school teacher searching for Mr. Right..Along the way she opens the hearts and eyes of many people including a few suitors but her heart belongs to one, precisely the one that is too shy and fails to disclose to her his real feelings. I have never been a fan of black and white films but I found out about this gem from the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel. Based on the hit sitcom and radio series of the mid 50's. Its in black and white and it was a delight to watch.. Very interesting, enlightening and a classic! Now I understand why many people enjoy black and white movies- they were special...Highly recommended!

Quincy T (br) wrote: Lacking any real identity and resorting too much on cheap effect.There's an inkling feeling when watching Altar that it's nearly identical with other horror movies. The isolated moor seems like the one in The Woman in Black, its haunting resembles The Shining or even Poltergeist at some point with the CG. It presents a few dreadful scenes only to lose its effectiveness as audience realizes the shoddy effect and unimaginative scare. A woman is hired to do restoration on an ancient site. She brought her family along and needless to say, the site has a troubled past. Between the eerie occurrence before and increasingly haunting presence, The plot follows a strict formulaic premise and it brings too many elements, it becomes burdensome at times. The most dubious bit is how this entity is presented.Altar wants to give many subplots of the horror came to be, but it's done in sloppy fashion. There are too many strange developments, especially with the possession gimmick. Acting and script can barely handle the weighty sporadic subjects, and it's just fumbling from one horror attempt to another.Its location is pretty nice, gloomy and practically screaming horror. It's already a good vista, but the movie spends too much on bantering. Not to mention it also takes some flaws from other horror movies like the clueless characters or overly cryptic sacrificial ritual. The worse is its use of CGI, what could have been a decent terror is decreased to silly overlapping images like scenes from old TV show.Altar scrounges many aspects from other movies of the genre, it's eventually overwhelmed by the cumbersome direction and doesn't even produce the same thrill it's inspired from.

Lisa R (ag) wrote: Johnny Depp steals the film!

Anthony C (nl) wrote: Sadly Testament just isn't that interesting, and offers nothing to the war genre films that it attempts to emulate.

Brian G (ca) wrote: To me, this movie is an all time classic. It's a High School Bully film taking place in the 1980s. A Goliath vs. David fight. Jerry, the nerdy kid in the movie, accidentally upsets a bully/criminal and does everything he can to avoid fighting him. The setups are perfect, and hilarious.