Outlaw Riders

Outlaw Riders

An outlaw motorcycle gang is headed by two couples (Bambi Allan, Jennifer Bishop, Bill Bonner and Bryan West). The gang is badly hurt by a botched robbery and the four stars, the only survivors, eventually head to Mexico, where they have to combat a gang run by a sadistic Mexican (Rafael Campos).

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Kevin L (fr) wrote: I am not normally a big fan off these horror parodies, but even I have to admit this did make me laugh, the exorcist scene at the end was a little over the top, but hey, overall this is a really good movie.

Ole J (ag) wrote: This is not a good movie, it has potential, but it's just not being carried out in the film. There are some funny elements and good lines, but all in all the only thing making this worth seeing, is the nice ladies :)

Bharat G (jp) wrote: This is one of my favourite movies. Crisp dialogue delivery makes the piece very entertaining. Really difficult to imagine it come together with such pinache with any other actors. My best line: "Chacha ko durex do"

Jacob F (jp) wrote: Brittany's childish facial expressions mixed with an annoying personality didn't save enough all the movie, but is an hilarious parody of Oprah Winfrey and all romantic comedies.

Matthew M (jp) wrote: I like Ewan McGregor but he just doesn't do accents, totally ruined this film.

Tracy F (jp) wrote: Forgot how much I loved this movie. John Malcovich in one of the most evil parts he has ever played. Psycho. Clint's not too bad either. ;)

Dustin N (nl) wrote: This is an easy 5 stars and will be studied for generations.

Michael T (fr) wrote: A perfect example of Woody Allen's extraordinary powers of film-making...Zelig is a meticulously crafted picture.

Marta S (es) wrote: Very interesting and worth a quick watch (it's only 1 hour), especially if you are planning to walk or have walked the Brooklyn Bridge and want a better understanding of the history it made!

Kevin v (mx) wrote: A very great, thrilling political and hijacking action movie.. With great performances by Glenn Close, Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.. With U.S. President James Marshall as a previous Vietnam hero, who struggles to secure the hostages himself and to overpower the hijackers.. Finally, 32 of the hostages made it to safety by use of emergency chutes.. Then, the president is caught and taken hostage by the hijackers, where he finally overpowers the remaining men and their leader Korshunov (Oldman), and throws the latter off the chute room from the plane.. They retake control of Air Force One and get into a fight with Kazakstan MiGs, from which three are quickly taken out by security F-15's, then the remaining MiGs flee.. Air Force One suffers from severe damage and is unable to land. After a few hours, the First Family and the wounded Chief of Staff are rescued by a Liberty 24 Plane, as Air Force One's engines fell out and then crashes into the Caspian Sea.. Very thrilling and fearing action fight scenes and the rescue scene, and the story behind the hijacking make this action thriller a great piece of work. I give an 8

Sam G (jp) wrote: A beautiful film about finding companionship when you least expect it and discovering how meaningful a true friendship is.

Matthew H (jp) wrote: Race to Witch Mountain is a mildly diverting but forgettable family-friendly flick with no particular good things about it, but no particularly bad ones either.

Sean S (es) wrote: I thought this was funny, certainly not the 25% rating on Flixster.... but it is formulaic and the anti religious undertones probably put a lot of people off. In any case this is a solid dark comedy though it does not stand out in any special way.

Larry C (br) wrote: Profanity. bad guy. I did not like it.