A young woman who has just become engaged has her life completely shattered when she is raped while on her way home from work.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   religion,   rape,  

A young woman who has just become engaged has her life completely shattered when she is raped while on her way home from work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Howie G (us) wrote: More propaganda to alter real history

Allen A (es) wrote: The movie boasts a number of stars, and although often relies on comedic relief, the movie gives watchers a look into the lives of single moms.

PierreLuc G (ru) wrote: Un bon divertissement, sans plus. Le concept classique de la mission "suicide" qui se termine avec succs sans qu'aucun membre du groupe ne subisse la moindre blessure retire toute crdibilit au scnario. L o les deux premiers films taient intressants, celui-ci n'est qu'un simple prtexte pour voir se runir les plus grands acteurs de films d'action de l're moderne. Malheureusement, ces derniers n'ont plus le charisme de l'poque et mme Sylvester Stallone en tant que principal protagoniste ne parvient pas attirer les regards. Seul Antonio Banderas apporte un vent de fracheur et d'humour dans le rle du rejet qui tente par tous les moyens de se faire des amis.

jonathan n (ca) wrote: This is a really good short. Lot of heart, fun, and really keeps up the story from the original. If you love holiday specials and a fan of the How to train your dragon series, this is a special for you to see every year during the holidays. My rating 5/4.

DONT ADD ME just message me (ag) wrote: carla gugino is the only reason i saw this movie

John P (es) wrote: Liked this movie as a teenager. As a parent, I love it!

ma h (ru) wrote: sounds alright......

Naj H (gb) wrote: Another classic Amitabh Bachchan film. Amitabh is again at his very best. Good storyline of two friends falling for the same woman. Zeenat Aman is truly sexy is this movie. Great songs good star cast also including Pran, Helen and Prem Chopra. Produced by the late Yash Johar father of K3G director Karan Johar. a must see film.

Carlos M (br) wrote: A gorgeously animated film that may not please everyone due to its greater focus on characters and lack of a well-defined plot, but it is well-deservedly recognized as a classic now with its contemplative portrayal of love, nature and the cruelty of men against the forest and its animals.

Seth L (au) wrote: It may not have the best ending in the world, but with a smart script and a talented young cast, it's enough to enjoy it for how intriguing it is.

Liv H (de) wrote: You don't need to be a Paul Walker fan to love this movie. It's amazingly done, keeps you on the edge of your seat. It also reminds us what's worth fighting for, and what isn't.

Keith T (jp) wrote: A very good idea for a film, but I'm not so sure I buy into the actual details of the story completely; if The Americans have dropped an atom bomb on Japan and the Nazi's have ensured British capitulation by threatening to use one, why is Russia seemingly fighting on 20 years later? Also, Hitler, Goebels and Heydrich all seem to be in power 20 years later, which doesn't actually bear much resemblance to modern experience of others demanding the retirement of Thatcher, Blair etc afyer about 10 years in office, although perhaps the right comparison is Mao, Castro etc, where it might be true.

Jack W (it) wrote: A stereotypical film for sure, but it has enough likeable characters and scenes to satisfy fans of 80's movies.