Marco Vallez (Antonio Banderas) is possessed by the beauty of a circus sharp shooter, and from the second they meet he is willing to give up everything to be with her. But one horrifying night sends them both down a road of revenge leaving behind a trail of bodies to the ultimate showdown with justice.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Outrage 1993 full movies, Outrage torrents movie

Ana is an equestrian sharpshooter for a one ring circus in Madrid for a week. Marcos is a reporter doing a Sunday supplement piece. He interviews her and she invites him to dinner with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Outrage torrent reviews

Will B (kr) wrote: 3rd Film of my Film Fest. Wow, what a stinker. Too Long, no pacing, badly filmed, and edited. I actually think it was a joke. Some good songs, but that is about it. I just lost 150 Mins of my life.

Ro D (kr) wrote: Is one of the best movies i ever seen, is overwhelming

Rebecca B (de) wrote: We have watched this movie over and over and over again. It is delightful.

Brandon S (br) wrote: Miike strikes again with this conventional yakuza film, the screen is filled with Miike's trademarked violence. Miike seems to live for shocking his audience while Rekka seems tame for Miike. Miike fans eventhough thefilm is not as crazy as his usual it is still a blood soaked minor yakuza classic!

Sarah G (ag) wrote: Years ago, I had seen a commercial for this movie and thought it looked so good, but didn't get to see it until now, when, by chance, I found it at Blockbuster. Having now watched it, I can say it met all my expectations and more...spot on perfect- filled with action, wit, and more. Keira Knightley, once again, is fabulous. Also interesting to see a younger Stephen Moyer [pre- True Blood]. The enduring legend and appeal of Robin Hood lives on...through his daughter.

Helder N (jp) wrote: Very disappointing ending, tbh. The rest of the film was pretty good. Story never got me bored. Ending felt incomplete.

Lee M (it) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, whether you think the movie is great or grisly, rests in large part on your palate for Andrew Lloyd Webber's music.

Abel D (ag) wrote: More solemn than cheery, this '77 romance of a man who discovers life through death has many perks: the gorgeous European locations, Guisin's touching score and another good turn from Pacino. However, it's often rambling and slow.

Jeffrey N (kr) wrote: A very unique, gritty story with equally gritty performances and directing. A disturbing view of lower class life as shown through the eyes of a hustler from Texas who moves to New York and develops an odd friendship with an equally disturbing New York hustler. Their path to survival takes them into seedy situations, showing the basest of existence. All the while, sleeping through nightmarish flashbacks of life inTexas that made him who he was. Stories like this don't deserve a happy ending, and Midnight Cowboy didn't.

Ryan M (au) wrote: Despite the appauling sound quality, the film manages to present an interesting 'what if' narrative regarding the outcome of WW2. The film doesn't do to much to set this premise up however, relying on the knowledge of viewers to realise that this is an alternate history.

Jesse D (it) wrote: Kurosawa's Debut film, would love to see a non ww2 cut of the film...If Criterion couldn't get it then it must not exist :(

Peyton C (ru) wrote: Just keep on livin' man. I have almost never seen a movie that surrounds itself so much in one time period.Dazed and Confused boasts a wonderful ensemble cast with Jason London, Rory Cochrane, Wiley Wiggins and so many more great performances.Obviously, the soundtrack kicks ass. The dialogue and way the characters act is so perfect. In the end, only The Breakfast Club can compete with Dazed and Confused as the best coming-of-age teen film of all time.

Janelle F (es) wrote: i like that it's a broad Christian base. it's a true story and though What happened At the school seems like it should be the climax, the story lies behind the experience of each child. it's their story that's the story.