Gay hair stylist Robin Turner does a lot of work for drag queens, all the while dreaming that he'll someday find the courage to perform in drag himself. When his schizophrenic friend, Liza, turns up looking for a place to stay, he little suspects that she'll be the one to finally motivate him. But over time the two form an increasingly tight bond, Robin helping Liza through an unplanned pregnancy and Liza pushing Robin to develop a successful nightclub act.

A story about a female impersonator who rooms with a pregnant schizophrenic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JY S (ca) wrote: Yudai Yamaguchi's Deadball, which looks to be closely related to Battlefield Baseball, is as wacky as its title sounds.With a plot that is easy enough to follow, everything gets swallowed up by all the antics that take place in 100 minutes of screen time. Ultimately, the story is there to connect everything together. Yamaguchi's humor is scattered throughout; however, the violence and gore calls a lot of attention to itself, which ends up taking away from the more sophisticated writing.The brutality is extreme, as in over the top, and so are the effects that come with it. Too hilarious to be serious and too bloody for the weak-stomached is how Deadball plays outTak Sakaguchi has got the right persona for his character. Mari Hoshino successfully finds herself playing a male character, while the rest of the cast are made up of obnoxious and overacted characters. The lovely females of St. Black Dahlia High School are worthy of note.The chance for Deadball to head down a more humorous and less violent path is there, but all in all, there is enough entertainment value in this production.

Ravishankar N (ag) wrote: Bad script, screenplay and cast. Gangster movies require conviction which this movie lacks totally!

Dave J (mx) wrote: Friday, September 5, 2014 (2012) ATM SUSPENSE/ HORROR This is the low caliber equivalent of a "Saw" movie but from the standpoint of an ATM machine. I remembered, I once mentioned on one of my movie reviews that any horror film is not scary if it contains a lot of stupid characters. Well now, I'm going to have to add another word to this list this film is full of that wouldn't make any film scary to me is 'coincidences'. There's so many of them on here, viewers don't need to watch the entire movie, and can use the fast-forward remote while playing and still be able to understand it. Yes, it's really that bad. This movie is so bad, the idea looked like it came from a film student who was starting out, and then decided to expand it from a short story to an extremely annoying long one hour and thirty minutes. At the opening showcases, this serial killer successfully killing some people without viewers fully knowing the situation. We're then introduced to three characters working in an office before being driven together in the same car. Co-worker Corey (Josh Peck) wants to stop at an ATM machine to take out some money for a pizza since he's so hungry(I guess this party that they just left from only had drinks and didn't have any food). Since David (Brian Geraghty) wanted some quality time alone with Emily( Alice Eve) and is incapable to do that with Corey sitting in the back seat. Corey decides to abide to what his friend Cory wanted, which was to take out some money from an ATM machine for a pizza. All three characters somehow end up in the ATM booth together. And then upon wanting to come out to get back into the car again, is a guy standing on front of them in the darkness wearing a winter coat with a hoodie over his head. What happens next is a string of stupid 'coincidences', such as 'oh, my cell phone is dead' and the 'other one working is left at the car', the next person wanting to use the ATM machine happens to wear the exact same clothing as the serial killer, Corey happens to have tools available on the back trunk of his car which the killer can conveniently use, and Corey happens to park his car exactly at the right spot for the killer to take hold of his vehicle which happens to be away from the ATM booth. It's like this serial killer is not only professional and is always have to be one step ahead of it's victims, but also consist to have 'psychic abilities' for everything would've changed if the characters 'did' have their cell phones working and is carrying it with them at all times. It's like how does this killer know who's carrying what and when they're taking it with them. What if one the characters were to carry a gun for instance. It's been concocted into nonsense to convenient the killer's objective, and we've seen many made like it before. Bomb

Andrew S (es) wrote: It's violent and bloody; it's also very funny in places (DeNero in a yellow taxi - brilliant).A classic B movie style in filming makes this the good movie that it is. The plot and much of the acting is bad, but ignore all that and embrace the fun.

Leena L (ru) wrote: What was left in my mind after the film was over was how ungrateful and sanctimonious some people are. That is all. Nothing more. And that there is usually more to the story than meets the surface. A bit slowly moving but ok.

Ian E (br) wrote: It's sad to say that the live-action version of Fat Albert is not as fabulous as its cartoon material, plus it's a lot less fun and lacks sufficient humour.

Fabin C (au) wrote: Es un bonito drama sobre el amor de un hijo por su madre, y el valor que tiene para conseguir lo que ella necesita para sonreir.

Jenny N (br) wrote: This movie is so bad it is great to watch. I'm so glad Mr. Straight recommended it to me :). It has the best pick-up line in the history of a movie, and the giant megaladon is pretty hilarious when it eats boats and people. Great stuff :). Better to watch with a group of friends, i would suggest.

Hunter S (fr) wrote: Great in critic ratings but mixed to negative reviews from the audience?does not seem right 6/10

Adam D (mx) wrote: Everyone should see this movie. If only to hear Christopher Lee sing; "If you don't name your poison, I'll have to get the boys in".

Grayson W (jp) wrote: A very good Canadian slasher. I love the small mining town and the gritty textures of the mine itself. Make sure you watch the uncut version because almost all the action is cut out otherwise.

Melissa F (br) wrote: Savage Sam is suppose to be Old Yeller son? Dude what happen to the pup in the first one that look more his son then a coon dog. Those are 2 different breeds of dogs, i knew there was something really different about the dogs. Don't get me wrong this film is alright, but i guys i have to read the book.

John T (ag) wrote: I couldn't tell if I liked it or hated it. I blame everything on those pesky kids. Do not let my review deter you from seeing this film. A lot of people thought it was great and maybe if I could have rid myself of applying logic to peoples actions during a zombie apocalypse and watching in parts I would have enjoyed it too. I did think part one 28 Days Later was very good.

Sherry M (it) wrote: Voices very good, particularly Michael J. Fox as Stuart and Nathan Lane as Snowbell the cat. Did not follow the book very much at all. And I couldn't help thinking, "How would E.B. White feel about profanity added to her story? Was adoption story line necessary or insightful? (Jason-11 & Sara 9 both gave it 4 stars.

Ben T (ca) wrote: This is a very Australian film - well shot and edited, shows some beautiful Sydney scenes too.The story is engaging and thought-provoking - without any moral or answers, just a commentary of how hard it is to not drink in this culture, how out of touch with reality some industries are, and how new age "answers" do not really answer anything.Worth watching.

Joseph F (jp) wrote: The most psychedelic film ever made. Love it!