Outrageous Fortune

Outrageous Fortune

Refined actress Lauren Ames finally has a chance to study with the great theatre professor Stanislav Korzenowski. Sandy Brozinsky, a brash, loud actress, decides through happenstance to also study with Korzenowski. The two women end up dating the same man (who turns out to be a double agent) and follow him across the country to force him to choose between them.

Lauren and Sandy are total opposites who end up in the same acting class and who don't know they are sharing a lover, Michael Sanders, who then dies suddenly in an explosion. Believing he's still alive, they set out to find him, only to discover they're being chased by spies, and that Michael is not who they thought. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (ag) wrote: Like the first, there are some great concepts but unlike the first they stretch beyond just new found footage gimmicks which is actually rather refreshing. However, it's missing the key thing that made the first memorable; genuine scares. Well that and it's maddeningly stupid and self indulgent.

Kenneth A (au) wrote: Never watched any of the "rec" series. So as a standalone I can say that this fits it's genre ... ookay ish. *spoilers ahead now*One thing, I felt like the characters got angry at the wrong things a lot. The female lead shouldn't be as dignified as she appears on some of these movie covers. The entirety of her problems were solved by screaming flailing and begging. And was I led to believe that the leader of the ship was evil? Because his actions seemed pretty reasonable and it felt like this movie was just good guys bashing on good guys and then zombies.I had a serious problem with where this parasite ended up, and this is really the biggest flaw. Because halfway through the movie it is shown that the parasite was still in the woman, not via recording, but in actuality moving inside her stomach, real time, whilst she laid on her bed. I felt like this was meant to justify the leaders actions on dissecting the girl once they found the video where the parasite was. I suppose in his head, he knew where the original virus was, so instead of curing it, they can prevent it from being able to start again once the virus is wiped out. But then the parasite turned out to be in the hero, and this makes very little sense to me. Not only because the hero seemed incredibly capable, but when did the parasite even have the time to do this being as slow moving as it showed itself to be in the movies entirety??? I GUEESSS the movie was implying that the hero was being controlled by the parasite? And I gueeess the parasite can control it's host? The movie did not explain this and it was the only way to make sense of the heros actions at the point where they found out that she truly did not have the parasite in her, but continued to pursue her. Because then it can be thought that the parasite was trying to go back in to safety because the woman was just declared innocent by the leader...... But... how would the parasite have known these turn of events? How would it have known to switch hosts. It just knew that soon she would be dissected when the leader had no intentions of doing this until after seeing the video? It had to have been before they saw this video, but the hero and woman had no screen time together after this, actually barely any screen time together that didn't involve just them two after the fact that we saw the parasite move insider her, nor contact with the recording... Idk... The parasite just knew what was best somehow. Eh.Magical teleporting parasite just to make the annoying screamy woman come out alive gave it a 2 for me. The parasite was also able to live the explosion of the ship. More movies like this? Idk

kwanjana k (kr) wrote: If you wanna torture me, make me watch this movie....again and again and again!!

Cancelled U (de) wrote: What was I thinking watching this? It was a funny movie to mock for, but what's it about? fat people are better? Hello ever heard about disease, like diabetes? heart attack? Monique is annoying, I haven't watch her so called oscar movie 'Precious' yet, but she is truly annoying here.

Private U (au) wrote: Aha! Technicolor that burns the retinae ! Sword fights in hyperspeed ! Terrible acting to boot ! It's ideal for Christmastime :)

Jlilmisthang (us) wrote: OMG U CANT FORGET ABOUT ZACK

F B (ag) wrote: Very good film and for those who dislike spiders, it is extremely creepy

Alex W (kr) wrote: Good and interesting seemingly forgotten movie. George c Scott has such a great voice and presence, on the other hand i cant take Timothy Hutton seriously as a leader. Its crazy seeing such a young cruse and penn, especially sense there characters are at odds. feels very 70's all though its not all out anti military.

Ben C (kr) wrote: An examination in intentional self-destruction and rebellion. A bit slow at times, but great.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: Ghost Shark, sounds pretty cool eh? Thinking it's going to be like Jaws, something iconic mixed with your typical scares. Hey it does have a great cast but whatever happened to Mackenzie Rosman? Ghost Shark is your typical SyFy movie with low maintenance thrills, chills and kills. I'm going to slice and dice this movie so you all don't have to watch this during Shark Week. It's about this shark that gets his " revenge " on a small community due to a fisherman killing it for taking his catch. The ghost shark appears wherever there's water around, including a charity carwash ( explain that one ). Old man Finch knows about the mysterious shark, but no one in the community believes him. Ava and her friends takes the day to enjoy the beach, not knowing the night before her father vanished without a trace. Ava is played by a former child star Mackenzie Rosman, known to many as little Rosie Camden from the hit TV series 7th Heaven. Mackenzie has been staying out of the spotlight since 7th Heaven ended production, playing the odd characters in low budget films and a recurring role in The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Her character Ava isn't the most outstanding beach girl, she's not exciting to watch and her enthusiasm for solving this ghost shark mystery is nothing more than a worm on a bobber. The cast members consist of Dave Davis, Lucky Johnson, Richard Moll, Jaren Mitchell and Tom Francis Murphy. Richard Moll appeared on an episode of 7th Heaven. If you're looking for a good shark movie then pop in the Jaws series or even Sharknado ( it's really not that bad of a series ).. just stay away from Ghost Shark

Sam M (it) wrote: As this was intended to be very funny, there are almost unrelated funny parts which make the overall acting of all performers bad, thanks to the quite poor editing of TriStar Pictures. Why did they have to butcher William Gibson's work?

Daniel D (mx) wrote: Um avio pulverizador acha que pode competir em provas de velocidade e durante essa trajetria acaba se desiludindo com seu treinador e tendo que lutar contra os adversrios para vencer a competio!

Leena L (es) wrote: Not bad, but all the jumping between time and place was rather confusing. My dad would have lost the clue completely. Audrey.... how skinny can a woman be? And Albert Finney, actually only ever seen him previously as an old crumpy man. Refreshing!

Bill M (it) wrote: Hooray, the titular address is in my hometown Jersey City....Google Maps here I come!