Outside Bet

Outside Bet

A group of print workers in 1980s London club together to buy a race horse.

Set against the turbulent mid 80's of money, privatization, unions and dramatic media evolution: A life-long group of friends find themselves at the bad end of a redundancy pay-out and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Outside Bet torrent reviews

Andrew P (nl) wrote: predictable script mixed with some terrible acting.

Cassie H (fr) wrote: great flick for an afternoon of flick watching.

Noel F (es) wrote: **i think it was well paced... great martial arts stuff... cute girl :)... although forwared some scenes because I thought they were just a waste of time... great OST epic rules...

YingChan L (es) wrote: this is a horrible movie. why do people even make it?

Nathan J (es) wrote: Quite a nice film, although HOW anyone would believe the lies, i have no idea!

Robert B (ru) wrote: This film could've been more. I like Clint but maybe directing and starring in this particular film wasn't a great idea. Plus unfortunately he's not a great singer. Probably would've been better if he just directed the film but it's an interesting father/son project having his son Kyle play a big part. Story just felt akward but I liked the idea of a Depression era country singer with battling TB for a last chance at some kind of fame.