Ovelha Negra, Uma Despedida de Solteiro

Ovelha Negra, Uma Despedida de Solteiro

João, a playboy, spends his last day as a single in a resort hotel, where he seduces a teenager and gets involved with the casino singer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ovelha Negra, Uma Despedida de Solteiro torrent reviews

Dee J (es) wrote: I loved this movie. Brings back memories of childhood when anything was possible.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

William B (fr) wrote: Fast paced, action packed, does what every great action movie should do, with a good performance by Jeremy Renner

Tucquatroioi D (mx) wrote: Visceral, unpredictable. thanks to handheld camera.

Aj V (ca) wrote: This movie is often described as the Animal House of the 90s. I suppose that's true, it is very 90s, but unlike animal house it isn't very funny. This is going to be an extremely dated movie in the future, and just get less funny as time goes by. If you'd like to remember the 90s, rent this movie, if not, don't see it.

Justin B (au) wrote: One of the best sci fi actions of all time. Phenomenal action sequences and a considerable amount of depth in its characters. An amazing film but still inferior to the original.

Allan C (au) wrote: Stylish Mario Bava film that may be the first genuine body count horror film. A faceless killer is murdering fashion models in a series of gruesome and quite elaborate manners. There's no mistaking that this film is likely the first Giallo and set a precedent for that type of film, mixing graphic and stylized killings with sexuality. I think my only dig at the film is that it's all style over substance. The mystery and police investigation all seem rather dull and perfunctory, but Bava's vivic use of colors and his striking visuals are more than enough to carry the film. Cameron Mitchell and Eva Bartok are the starts of the film, but many of the voices were dubbed (uncredited) by Paul Frees for the American release of the film.

Steve W (nl) wrote: A straight forward war story, that mostly takes place in the trenches. Most of the movie is people getting killed, themes of why they are fighting, and a decent cast.Gregory Peck shines as the hardnosed commander who must take Pork Chop Hill and motivate his troops, regardless of the war ending soon. He must take on the enemy as well as the slack of his own troops.There are quite a few good scenes, especially with the demoralizing enemy speaker. He tries to discourage and persuade the American to surrender at every turn, but never to excess.Gregory Peck was the only reason I watched this film. He hands a nice tough leader type role and performs well. The rest of the cast is too sporadic and similar to give any credit.A grim and bleak war film, but with very little substance or style to make it stand apart from other war films.

Benjamin W (fr) wrote: Somehow the noir style just seems a lot classier in French. And as heist films go, this one was pretty good, especially when the irony of Bob's avarice and gambling addiction create an interesting ending.