This titillating bit of pulp sensationalism was the last in a string of "B" films that Cleo Moore starred in at Columbia. Moore plays Lila Crane, an ambitious clip-joint floozie turned photographer with flexible morals and a penchant for fast money.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:blackmail,  

Sexy blonde dance club girl learns the photography trade and moves to New York in pursuit of a new career. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake K (jp) wrote: Truly spectacular! It brings back the old treasured style of traditional animation while bringing a whole lot of new effects, laughs, and surprises! Get a Horse is definitely a must see alongside with Frozen!

AmyJean T (ru) wrote: Eh. Not great.... Not terrible. Felt a lil too 'Greek wedding'...

Barry H (it) wrote: Few words would best describe this movie and not one of them would be enough to say just how bad this was.

Mike W (kr) wrote: The Mowry sisters as witches are sweet.

Daniel C (us) wrote: An adaptation of a great graphic novel, commenting on the last few decades, with an enthralling style.

Anish M (jp) wrote: tom green should make more movies

Russell G (nl) wrote: Yes, because it is a 90s movie this final chapter in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Trilogy is a straight to "video," not straight to DVD, release. This time we have a mostly new cast for the Szalinski family. Rick Moranis is the lone carry-over from the previous cast. Adam, the giant toddler from Honey I Blew Up the Kid, is now in grade school and is the only kid in the house. This time Moranis shrink himself along with his wife, his brother and sister in law. It has some fun and imaginative moments like going through a roach hotel, riding in a Hot Wheels car track, and climbing in a VCR, again it was the 90s. Overall, the magic of the first one is just not there. The unrealistically cheerful dialogue is empty in spirit. Stuart Pankin is mildly humorous, but he never gets a real chance to cut loose. Moranis looks like he is going through the motions at this point. The parents are the better half of the movie for sure though. This movie will appeal to younger audiences, for the novelty that the parents disappear. However, three kids are no fun at all once the parents are no longer around. They seem so sugarcoated and safe that they are lifeless. You get what you expect for a straight to movie release, it is harmless entertainment, but largely uninspired.

Mark L G (nl) wrote: Decent effort from an absolute micro budget feature. A direct to video classic from the 80s that doesn't involve masks or killers in the woods..Taken in the context of the time it was made..a good effort.

Tayfun Y (ca) wrote: It is the story of my real dad ;)

James H (mx) wrote: A superb film, one of Francois Truffaut's very best and the second best in the Antoine series. (I think The 400 Blows is his best). Good score, excellent writing and a fine performance from Jean-Pierre Leaud.

Ken T (fr) wrote: A great historic film. The interplay of the characters are great. Rock is Rock but George is the real actor playing a German Jew fighting with the SIG. I think this is the first "old war" movie with no love interest... and please, no Rock jokes.

Leslie L (ag) wrote: A melancholy and dark mystery-thriller with hints of the supernatural, Richard Attenborough gives a stellar performance as a passive puppet to his wife's disjointed whims. Although at a snail's pace it does resolve with each character finding some level of redemtion.

Dane P (nl) wrote: Rotting in hell for all eternity is funnier than this movie I have never seen so much talent go to waste with possibly one of the most unfunny, uninspired, boring, empty hollow script I have ever seen. How the hell did this get greenlit who in their right mind would read this script and sacrifice all their time, effort and talent to be in this? I honestly wonder if they are personally ashamed of themselves. These writers so thick in the head actually think adult humor is nothing but spamming the f word and saying penis over and over again. That's the movie there's not even a story to fall back on. It is the most desperate attempt of adult jokes I've ever seen. And there's barely any variation from dick jokes and saying the f word. Oh wait there was this one "joke" about child rape and they milk this at any given second. Even write a song about it.... That's the only thing the films going for.... Nothing else but telling jokes which is an awful decision for ANY film This is what someone would assume South Park/Superbad were like just by a quick glance. Without understanding there's more depth to the raunchy jokes. Nothing in the script works, the characters are empty one dimensional shells just to tell a joke... One character is an "a hole" who talks about dicks, another one is fat, another one smokes weed, and another one is horny..... HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!! The story is stretched so thin and one of those, "setup with nothing else going for it" type of films.The most offensive part of this movie is it's advertised as an adult film while the film treats us like children. When in reality most mainstream animated films are pretty mature in the first place. So what the hell is this doing?The best thing I can say about the film is like I said the voice talent, animation, set design and art direction. Its perfect proof that excellent presentation can never save an abysmal script and It will ruin the experience for pretty much everyone.I'm actually sorry about saying all those awful things about, Grown Ups 2, Jack and Jill, Doogal, Not Cool and even Tusk. Those movies are freaking masterpieces compared to this thing and I can actually say those movies had probably one or two parts where I smiled a bit.... This movie just pissed me off.... And literally in the first 6 minutes of this 80 MINUTE MOVIE I was done and regretting my decision to watch it.... I persisted at 1.5 speed and it still was torture. Glad this was a flop and how nobody knows about it.Everyone involved should be personally ashamed of themselves. This film appeals to nobody....This is the worst stop motion movie I've ever seen and the worst movie I've seen in my entire life as of 1/11/16. (Coming from 1000+ films)0.1/10 And that 0.1 point is just to be generous to the people who tried to make the best out of this.