Over The Top

Over The Top

Sylvester Stallone stars as hard-luck big-rig trucker Lincoln Hawk and takes us under the glaring Las Vegas lights for all the boisterous action of the World Armwrestling Championship. Relying on wits and willpower, Hawk tries to rebuild his life by capturing the first-place prize money, and the love of the son he abandoned years earlier into the keeping of his rich, ruthless father-in-law.

Sensitive yet macho truck driver Lincoln Hawk arm wrestles on the side to make extra cash while trying to rebuild his life. After the death of his wife, he tries to make amends with his son who he left behind 10 years earlier.And he enters an arm-wrestling contest in order to win the respect of his estranged young son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie J (es) wrote: LUVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad D (au) wrote: Priceless. Pure priceless documentary. Live Action Role Playing (or LARPing) is the act of living out the actions of a traditional table top wargame. Instead of rolling dice and moving miniatures, LARPing involves the actions of men and women physically moving and 'fighting' across the field of battle (ie. state parks, sporting fields, and the like) with wooden, steel, and foam weapons and shields. Darkon is a documentary about a fictional land (little more than hexes drawn on a map) and the struggles of the 'inhabitants' of that land, Darkon. This is no joke to the people involved. Darkon is a chance for them to let loose and live another life of their own creation. Darkon (the movie) takes a glimpse at this land and its citizenry - both in and out of the game.Yes, there are many stereotypical geeks in Darkon, and a few that are not so much. What I found myself thinking, in the end, is that, while the LARPers shun the outside world for being 'too serious' about reality, these same people do the exact same thing about Darkon. So, while they attempt to be 'better' than those who may look at them sideways (in the real world), they do much the same in Darkon. This doc is not a joke, and approaches its subject matter with the same serious attention to detail as "Food, Inc" or "an Inconvenient Truth" or "Letters From Vietnam" ... however, the subject matter seems to get lost in the layers that the LARPers tend to build around themselves. If nothing else, this is a great look into an area of society that is greatly unknown and unexplored. Definitely check it out.

Shane M (us) wrote: very tragic. movie that is often overlooked.

Shawn J (nl) wrote: good movie and having Erika Eleniak doesnt hurt ether

Cristian T (fr) wrote: An interesting SPIKE LEE's movie, with a lot of well known actors and actresses, when they were really young.

Ps J (de) wrote: you can tell from the visual effect alone that this movie is massive, i think still holds up till today, even better than g2000 i must say.too bad it has slow build up and the final battle was anticlimactic

Andr D (gb) wrote: En esta entrega del legendario monstruo japons, Godzilla se une a la criatura legendaria llamada King Seeser para derrotar a Mechagodzilla, un poderoso robor creado por una malvada raza extraterrestre que pretende invadir la tierra. Mucho humor, efectos ridculos y peleas para satisfacer al fan de la saga.

Jason C (gb) wrote: aka "James Joyce's Irish Godzilla." Interesting, enjoyable giant monster movie. Unrelated: I like that when you search for "Gorgo" on Netflix, the second thing that comes up is Daniel Craig.

Pamela Y (gb) wrote: Powerful. Powerful in it's simple and straightforward storytelling. Powerful acting. Powerful emotions this movie evokes.

Alan C (ca) wrote: Best f***ing Loach film.

Greg W (fr) wrote: just ok feels like B movie fare