Overlords of the U.F.O.

Overlords of the U.F.O.

This documentary puts forth the theory that UFOs are actually beings from another dimension, and reviews past incidents of UFO sightings in support of that theory.

This documentary puts forth the theory that UFOs are actually beings from another dimension, and reviews past incidents of UFO sightings in support of that theory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David Z (gb) wrote: A parody and homage to the kaiju cinema of the the showa era (the 50's through 70s). It is as much fun finding all the cheesy and camp effects as seeing them again in this age of green screens and digital effects.

Zachariah C (br) wrote: I feel like I have been very negative about a lot of these...oh well. This was a huge piece of crap. I am a Dane Cook fan, and this was horrible. There are a bunch of no name actors and Dane. The plot is ridiculous, and the only part that is semi-entertaining is the end. I do not want to even waste my time talking about this movie. I would not even recommend it when comparing counting ceiling tiles. I would rather count. I would actually consider calling the studio that made this and ask for my two hours of life back.

bill b (nl) wrote: It is not a bad movie but if u saw THE CUBE...then this looks a cheap copycat.In any case its watchable...The ending is kinda WEIRD...But it makes you want a Sequel :)

Joe A (es) wrote: The only thing that kept me interested at this movie was trying to figure out how everything related. But the revelations are a let down. I still get amazed at Mos Def acting.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Good, but could have been great. Solid plot, well directed. Heavy on emotion, relationships and character-based drama. Does overdo the kookiness though. Plus, it leaves a lot of things unresolved, though maybe that's the point.Zooey Deschanel is solid in the lead role. Good to see her in an edgy role for once. She usually plays sweet innocent characters (not that I am complaining though - I loved her in 500 Days of Summer). Here she is a selfish, chain-smoking, cocaine-snorting, foul-mouthed bitch.Ed Harris is superb in the role of the father, though this is to be expected. (He seems to revel in portraying sick/depressed/emotionally scarred characters). Interesting to see Will Ferrell in a dramatic role, and he does OK in it.

Steven M (gb) wrote: The first time I saw this it blew me away. The second time I was very impressed. The third time I enjoyed it. Is it me or the film? This shows Downey Jr to be an absolute powerhouse of a presence in a film and I think parts of this are him staring at himself and hating what he sees. There are also times when he clearly loves what he sees. In that sense, and taking into account the actor's personal life, this is and will remain fascinating.

Marty S (de) wrote: it was alright I guess


Jordan B (jp) wrote: I really like John Candy, who doesn't?! Aside from his presence in this movie, its pretty lack luster. A lot of the "jokes" in this movie don't really make sense.. and there are a handful of dream sequences that would be better suited for a horror/thriller than a comedy. Its quirky and carries enough funny moments and overall charm for a positive recommendation.

Harry W (ru) wrote: Silent Nignt, Deadly Night Part 2 is a film I only heard of because of its success as an Internet meme for the moment when Eric Freeman utters the line "Garbage Day" in an excessively over-the- top manner before shooting a civilian.I've read sh*tloads of articles about Silent Nignt, Deadly Night Part 2 over the years because the disappearance of its lead actor was an interesting thing of mystery. Yet I had never actually seen the film film and shortly after lead actor Eric Freeman resurfaced and was interviewed where he discussed how the lack of effort from director Lee Harry and the fact that against his better judgment he went ahead and listened to people constantly telling him to go more over the top with his performance caused his performance to become nothing but terrible line delivery and an excessive amount of eyebrow movements. He does have the look in his eyes of a maniac, but even he himself knows that his performance was through fault of his inexperience and the lack of sufficient effort put into making the film by Lee Harry, so it's an abysmal failure which succeeds as an unintentionally comedic performance.At the start of Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 it feels like some kind if intensity could brought up at some point. Then the actors start talking. They start uttering such poorly misconceived dialogue which is excessively repetitive and tedious to suffer through, even worse than in its predecessor. But the dumbest element is the fact that Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 attempts to tell the entire first Silent Night, Deadly Night story in 40 minutes of isn't just cheap filmmaking and an absolutely awful idea for making a film, but it tries to tell an extensive story in a shortened time period which it simply cannot do. It fails in every area by committing this action, and it gives to credit to Lee Harry as a filmmaker whatsoever.And at times, the film is incredibly unconvincing due to a poor line of cast members and a low budget. One example is the scene where characters are in a supposed theatre, but it's clearly an office room loaded with chairs and about 8 ,cast members, one of whom is especially terrible and annoying as hell. Even though that was his intention, it was to the chagrin of the viewer. The entire cinema scene is the most boring part of the film, and that included re watching stock footage from the first Silent Night, Deadly Night.There is little appeal in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 except the appeal of a slasher film gone terribly wrong.And Elizabeth Kaitan is clearly a limited and very inexperienced actress, but stuck in a film with little other female cast members and none that provide any life into the film, she proves to be beneficial thanks to her smile and her sexual appeal. This isn't praise for her as an actress, this is praise for her generally being in the film since in a film full of lifeless cast members she is the only one who lights up the screen thanks to her exterior and posterior.But really, Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is utterly stupid and is more likely to scare you with the fact that it's so god damned awful than with the chills it fails to even try and reach for.

wild willie n (ag) wrote: At best, Soul Man is a passable time waster. At worst, its an unfunny comedy. James Earl Jones is still a cool S.O.B. though but Leslie Nielsen is horribly underused. And C.Thomas Howell?? He's bloody great!! I'm joking on that last part.......

Ana Maria R (fr) wrote: "Cinderella" (Aschenputtel), German-French-Spanish co-producition movie, produced by Omnia Film & Eurokim, directed by Karin Brandauer and starring Petra Vigna, Krista Stadler, Roswitha Schreiner and Stephan Meyer-Kohlhoff.The movie is based on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.CASTCinderella: PETRA VIGNAStepmother: KRISTA STADLEROlder Stepsister: ROSWITHA SCHREINERYounger Stepsister: CLAUDIA KNICHELPrince Charming: STEPHAN MEYER-KOHLHOFF 1989 (C) OMNIA Film & Toro Film, in association with ZDF and TVE. All rights reserved.

Veniea T (us) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Greg W (mx) wrote: awesome gritty and well acted and cast

Daniel P (kr) wrote: An outstanding performance from Russell Crowe together with kinetic visuals and a sublime soundtrack are significant pluses to this thriller concerning Australian neo-Nazi skinheads. However, as with (to a lesser extent) American History X, the lack of a substantial voice to the other side troubles me (though it certainty wouldn't be true to say that the film glamourises the gangs), and the tone eventually becomes wearying. I get the feeling the editing has been just a little too severe, to the overall detriment of the film.