Overnight Delivery

Overnight Delivery

A man suspects his girlfriend of being unfaithful. So he sends her a letter, but than finds out that he was wrong. He has 24 hours to stop the package, prevent a disaster, and fall in love. The only problem is the delivery man will not stop until the package has been delivered.

A man suspects his girlfriend of being unfaithful. So he sends her a letter, but than finds out that he was wrong. He has 24 hours to stop the package, prevent a disaster, and fall in love.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenny G (ag) wrote: One of the few movies I love!!

Tibor P (ag) wrote: Bepillanthatunk valami olyanba, amibe nem is biztos, hogy bele akarunk pillantani. Iszonyatosan nyomaszt film.

Prithvi C (gb) wrote: Thought this was going to be an all-time classic until about half way. Unfortunately Mani Ratnam doesn't do clean, crisp bittersweet endings. Still...beautifully shot, fun music, some memorable scenes and characters. Well worth the watch.

Walter M (br) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Two Family House," Buddy Visalo(Michael Rispoli, who is excellent) has a chance to audition for Arthur Godfrey but is dissuaded because of his impending marriage to Estelle(Kathrine Narducci). In the following eleven years, they live with her parents in Staten Island where he toils in a factory while none of his business ideas including limo driver, house painter and pizza delivery amount to much. In the spring of 1956, he decides to buy a fixer upper and live on the second floor, turning the first into a tavern. But there is a drunken reprobate and freeloader, Jim O'Neary(Kevin Conway), and his pregnant wife, Mary(Kelly Macdonald), living on the second floor and the law is on their side. But when Buddy and his friends try to forcibly evict the couple, Mary goes into labor. And boy is everybody surprised at the brown hue of the baby...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Mildly predictable, "Two Family House" is a movie about the American dream that is equal parts funny and touching. Buddy's dream is not so much to be successful but to work at something that is his very own. In other ways, the American dream should be about a country without bigotry which it was not in the 1950's, even in the North, which are portrayed here as an era of stifling conformity where there is little[/font] [font=Century Gothic]interaction outside of one's social circle. But there is a glimmer of hope that the era of sitting in judgment will be coming to an end.[/font]

Wayne C (br) wrote: Okay film lacking the sci-fi wow factor - similar in the style of blade runner in places it was obvious that this film was a low budget. Disappointed with the story line, character depth and the ending for sure - that said if you are a fan of Gary Sinise you may like this one on a rainy day.

Ian R (ca) wrote: Okay, but not great. This had a lot of potential, but stayed kind of sweet. Michael Keaton was interesting though.

Christina R (ru) wrote: I love this movie all the time because it makes me want to cry

Anne W (it) wrote: A gorgeous, lavish production - not great cinema, but a refreshing view of what women of like minds and different circumstance can relate to in times of change. I always enjoy watching this whenever it comes on cable, no matter what part the film is at or what time it is on. Classical soundtrack is fresh & relaxing at the same time.

Nathan L (gb) wrote: It's a good film as many films in the decade. But there a couple scenes and dialogue that are a bit off, preventing it from being a masterpiece. Outstanding performances by Bruce Greenwood and Don McKeller. 4.5/5

Rahul S (br) wrote: Love this classic film!!!

William C (kr) wrote: Grade:Low 7/10Bugsy Malone is a film full of big songs and dancing, slick lines andsplurge guns, this movie is perfect for kids to actually live in. Withthe young actors you can't expect massive displays yet they still do astellar job and the movie ends up being a bit of fun for all to have. Ifelt the movie to be safely a pretty good one and here below is why so.The story is very interesting and you can't quite ever guess what'saround the corner. I felt the plot maybe starts to go down hill just alittle toward the end but manages to stay level. It's full of funadventure and action yet even the scenes of basic dialogue arethrilling and also humorous. The songs are catchy but at the same timekind of annoying and for those who want more meaningful music, thenlook further a field. The acting as I said is not something you can expect to be greatalthough Scott Baio, Jodie Foster(who now is listed usually ahead ofother cast members) and John Cassisi make this a fun little bit ofacting and one you can't criticise easily. There are some parts wherethe film goes a little too much overboard with the acting and althoughnot the kids fault, still doesn't portray minor characters well.Alan Parker writes and directs it just about pretty well and the job hedoes here is one of not just great lyrical skill but also the way hehandles the frantic pace of the movie. The song and dancing asmentioned is a slight bit over the top but you do feel they get alittle catchy and by the end it could be said they do there job ofsticking in your head. I loved the sets and costumes, props etc evenmore than anything else, the cars are just magnificent and the gunswell what can be said other than ingenious.My main criticism really is the slow parts which happen in the lastsection of the film, it just doesn't bring it to a great close and Ieven felt quite tired when the credits starting rolling. I said aboutthe songs and maybe I was a little mean about there true purpose,although I will say that the little janitors song which I believe isthe very first solo song, well that voice just really gives you aheadache.I think if you looking for a musical then this is definitely one to seebecause it doesn't just sing and sing and forever sing, it also has agood story to back it up and the songs are also in places where someoneactually might sing. I also do think that for those who want a moresombre affair and something along the lines of the Godfather, well youwon't find it here and you've definitely looked at the wrong definitionof gangster film.Overall I'd give it a low 7/10 and a safe one of that as well, it isn't quitehigher material but by far not a bad film whatsoever. Give it a go andyou should enjoy given you like musicals and dancing and gangsters, astrange mix which actually by the end works rather well and leaves youfeeling quite strange watching kids play out the roles that people likePacino play, complexing.

Omar M (fr) wrote: A very interesting, fascinating, but uneven film. Typical slow and strange 70s film, with elliptical editing, an open ending, and more 'buddy film' sexual tension than Brokeback Mountain. Young Jeff Bridges turns in a great performance, and Michael Cimino's visual world is quite beautiful. Also, songs by Paul Williams.

Kiwi L (ru) wrote: Love the soundtrack :D

Sylvester E (es) wrote: Joan Crawford...The Queen Bee herself, is pretty good in this film. It's not her best work, but it's worth watching.

rudy e (br) wrote: classic! love Cathy poedwell