When the German Afrika Korps smashes through the allied lines in North Africa in 1942 during World War Two; a group of British soldiers are determined to get back to their own lines. Picking up more allied survivors along the way, their journey is fraught with danger and Germans at every turn.

Deep in the African Congo, revolution rages and explosive documents have fallen into the hands of nationalist guerillas. The Red Berets are the government's only hope of retrieving papers which could change the course of the war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William J (gb) wrote: "About Alex" is wonderfully acted. Talented writing and impressive directing. Max Greenfield and Aubrey Plaza showcase their talents and successfully show they offer more than their iconic TV characters. Great indie drama. The best scene of this film is when Siri kisses Alex's scars from his suicide attempt. Beautiful reminder of the gospel.

Jordon J (br) wrote: The movie's conceit grows a bit stale even with a short running time, and ultimately the whole thing feels more like an acting workshop than a full-fledged human story. This film is just full of flaws and that's ok given this is Ross's first film as a director he's just lucky he casted 2 people who could hold their own throughout and that alone is worth a watch! I say RENT IT!!!

Julia L (mx) wrote: I remember hearing about this story while watching Deadly Women so I decided to check this movie out. While it wasn't bad, it wasn't anything memorable. It kind of screamed generic Lifetime movie.

Rj K (ru) wrote: Probably the worst, scratch that, THE Worst late-night "stoner" movie ever made. Darren Camponi, who thinks if you like Cheech and Chong and Harold and Kumar, then you would probably like this, can EAT A DICK. Even your most simple minded of individuals, or stoners for that matter, would get about 13 seconds in before turning this off. Could be possibly the worst movie of all times, steal a few more lines from South Park why don't you.

Raphael S (nl) wrote: Melhor do que eu esperava, uma reviravolta bem interessante. Perde um pouco por parecer um filme feito pra tv.

Lee L (de) wrote: A great film. Kornbluth is such an uncomfortable nebbish.

Al P (au) wrote: The NIGERS are back.

Skyler B (ag) wrote: Pretty great movie, really. I love the abduction sequences throughout the ending of the movie. Well done.

Lanky Man P (nl) wrote: This film has no brains. At least the Bills keep the film going.

David M (ca) wrote: A great gangster flick and Pacino gives a performance to remember

Alastair M (kr) wrote: Disturbing in its depiction of mankind's capacity to be apathetic and violent, no one gets off the hook (morally speaking) in "Lady in a Cage." De Havilland is a possessive mother whose opulent lifestyle and possessiveness drive her son away and she is subsequently trapped in an elevator between floors in her home. Mayhem ensues when her panic alarm only attracts vile miscreants, intent on taking whatever they can and destroying whatever they can't. Great opening titles. James Caan makes you want to puke (in a good way) as the head thug in his first major screen performance. Belongs to the string of thrillers that began with "Whatever Happened to baby Jane?" that starred older actresses of Hollywood's first golden age although "Lady" distinguishes itself with its notable lack of humour and irony. Unflinching, unnerving and unforgettable.

markus s (ag) wrote: why does this movie exist?