Owalte Bhauraya

Owalte Bhauraya


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Owalte Bhauraya torrent reviews

Dinesh P (br) wrote: Watched "RAMAIYA VASTAVAIYA"Exaggerated love storyScore 4/10 Story is very simple. Nothing new in screenplay and in dialogues even. All emotional scenes fall very flat. Most of the comedy scenes are also fated like emotional ones. You will laugh in a few comedy scenes, i.e when Randhir Kapoor eats the chilli powder mix rice. His expression binds you to laugh. Every scene and climax is most predictable. Yeah, it is true that you can easily predict the climax of a love story but the way of approach towards climax makes audience engrossed but this movie fails in it. Metaphor of clay horse was not well established so when the lead actors feel the attachment towards it you won't. Movie reminds you always about Maine Pyar kiya but Maine Pyar kiya is gem. Performance wise nothing to shout about. Zakir Hussain surprises and makes you laugh with his performance. The fabulous part of this film is music by Sachin Jigar. Songs are composed, written, choreographed and shot very nicely. They suddenly picked up the film.

Nathan C (it) wrote: Family Fun, But It did give me the chills watching this movie!Despicable me back in 2010 is better.Score: 5/10

Jennifer N (es) wrote: I know it was so cheesy but I'm a sucker for cheesy movies and David Tennant so naturally I loved the combination.

Dan S (nl) wrote: Dosnt work as a comedy or a drama/comedy about comedy failing - not funny or engaging enough. Johnny Harris delivers such a far removed performance your unsure what to make of it. As a concept it's an interesting film idea but fails to tick any boxes which is a great shame.

Steve A (jp) wrote: Great Family Entertainment and a good way to get kids started in being kind to animals.

Raymond C (fr) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

Sam H (jp) wrote: This is a terrible, terrible movie, but it makes me laugh, so...

Tyler S (it) wrote: Being a sports fan I really dug this film. A die hard Boston Red Sox fan trying to balance his love for the game with his love for his girl. Fallon was surprisingly good here, and Barrymore also was pretty charming. I could see myself being in this same position one day. The relationship between them formed in a strange way and it didn't really click at the beginning why the hell they were together. But fallons humor (which was excellent) proved to be the connection that won her over. The end as with most romantic comedies was super cheesy and predictable; that being said as a diehard sports fan I couldn't help to like it despite its many flaws.

Mark B (gb) wrote: I really liked it, especially the performance art scene.

Mark K (es) wrote: fun coming of age type movie for all ages

Evan H (fr) wrote: I liked that Carole Lombard is a manicurist in this movie. I must say Fred and Carole are great in this! I really found some parts quite funny at times!

Audric E (mx) wrote: Catching Fire is the one of the best YA dystopian novel adaptation yet, after The Harry Potter Series. It's an action packed, visually stunning, deeper exploration of the characters, breathtaking, and thought-provoking themes movie.

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