Daily life in an impossibly cramped Beijing apartment takes on epic proportions in this, intimate portrait, with unprecedented access, of a working-class Chinese family. Boldly transforming documentary into fiction, Liu Jiayin cast her parents and herself as fictionalized versions of themselves. Her father, Liu Zaiping, sells leather bags but is slowly going bankrupt. He argues with his wife, Jia Huifen, and his daughter over methods to boost business in the shop. A cloud of anxiety follows them into sleepless nights shared in the same bed. But through the thousand daily travails of city life, a genuine and deeply moving picture of Chinese familial solidarity emerges from the screen.

Daily life in an impossibly cramped Beijing apartment takes on epic proportions in this, intimate portrait, with unprecedented access, of a working-class Chinese family. Boldly transforming... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dustin C (us) wrote: By far the best one out of all the series!

Jim T (kr) wrote: kinda like it....cute

Stephen W (ru) wrote: I have to give a half star to Clint Eastwood for bothering to do a movie on a subject that 90 +% of Americans don't care about. Charlie Parker is one of the most important indigenous musicians we Americans have, and yet none of us knows who he was. Confusing and boring, but hyper-relevant.

Kim B (ca) wrote: So sad...so young and naturally talented and a good person. I always liked the song. Never knew the history behind it. So weird that he had premonitions and his necklace broke before he died. Makes me wonder if his brother changed after that.

Private U (gb) wrote: Might be my favorite film ever. Streep and David Hare and a mackeral sky...

Sherry L (ru) wrote: Could be I'm a bit generous when giving this 60%, since there are some scenes that I think are all-through lousy. But still I'm giving this 60%, which means I consider it neither good, nor bad, just OK. It doesn't mean however, I didn't think it wasn't watchable. The plot is about a "stripper-agency" that has been stricken hard by a couple of attacks on strippers after having finished their shift. It soon stands clear that it's a maniac behind, who sees it as his duty to clean up the "mess" in New York City. Matt Rossi (Tom Berenger) is a former boxer who is scarred after having accidentally killed an opponent some time ago, but is nowadays running a stripper agency. Though, he himself is not particularly interested in the strippers, except for Loretta (Melanie Griffith) who he's had an on and off-relationship with. While his co-workers is preparing for a war, now when there is a psycho attacking their girls, Matt is not ready to "put his boxing gloves on again", that is, not until the threat is on Loretta.... The whole movie screams low-budget, and you could hardly call the environments particularly charming (or it depends if you like strippers clubs or not :P, but there is some neo-noir core (like the anti-hero "Matt") in it that doesn't feel too ambitious, that I like. And what's more, the theme song is written by David Johansen from New York Dolls! Melanie Griffith reputation as a terrible actress is not really saved, with her performance in this... But Tom Berenger on the other hand, is doing ok, I think. The director, Abel Ferrara has gotten more praise for other movies, like; Bad Lieutenant, and King of New York. Decadence and violence is a common theme in his movies. I happen to have a weak spot for cult movies, and this is cult! If you've always wanted to see Melanie Griffith topless, this is the movie for you!

Nataa L (br) wrote: Sooooooooo Bergman. The movie is very intellectual and philosophical. Not his best piece of art but still worth watching.