Oceana, West Virginia—known as “Oxyana” after its residents’ epidemic abuse of OxyContin—is a tragically real example of the insidious spread of drug dependency throughout the country. Set against an abandoned coal mining landscape to the melodies of Deer Tick’s haunting score, this unflinchingly intimate documentary probes the lives of Oceana’s afflicted and exposes the day-to-day experience of a town living in the harsh grip of addiction.

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  • Release:2013
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Tucked in the Appalachian mountains of Southern West Virginia, Oceana, is a small, once thriving coal-mining town that has fallen victim to the fast spreading scourge of prescription ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth J (de) wrote: Enjoyed this true story... next updated fire film from backdraft ha

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Adam S (jp) wrote: Hitchcock had already bailed to America, so this very Hitchcockian train thriller, written by the men who wrote "The Lady Vanishes", went to Carol Reed instead, and maybe that's a good thing, for while Hitch was winning Best Picture for "Rebecca", Reed was dishing out an early war comedy-thriller that's every bit as entertaining as it's predecessor, and starring many of the same actors. It's 1939, on the eve of Britain and France declaring war on Germany, and a Czechoslovakian scientist (and his precious daughter, Margaret Lockwood, also of 'Lady') is wanted by the Reich for defense experiments; with virtually everything to lose, an undercover agent (Rex Harrison, brilliant in one of his first leading roles) takes it upon himself to extradite the pair from the Gestapo, and the likes of Paul Henreid (soon himself to bail for Hollywood, and stardom). What follows is an often darkly comic excursion into undercover cat-and-mouse territory, as Harrison convinces the Nazi brass of his credentials, but Henreid becomes suspicious, and a pair of British travelers (Naunton Wayne, Basil Radford, reprising roles from the earlier Hitchcock) get involved in the games, leading to a chase through the Alps, on train and mountain car. Made at a time when patriotism and anti-Nazi sentiment was rife for a light-hearted exploration, before the bombing raids and true brutality of the SS was made common knowledge, this is an exciting and fun entertainment; troubling times were to come.

Red L (br) wrote: Interesting movie. For someone who did not grow up with such wild circumstances, It is difficult to imagine. The ending was abrupt and unsatisfactory.

Gareth W (ca) wrote: Ok, was going to try and be positive but as the movie is so relentlessly cynical and negative I thought it deserved a dosage of its own bitter medicine. More mark of Cain UK TV leftie media cynicism than guts and glory US movie Lone Survivor stylee. But despite some good acting the soldiers and their world are unconvincing. Maybe the movies have missed it but you can still get the pity of war even from telling tales of brave soldiers who do well and believe in a cause. Instead we have a focus on a made up tale of insubordination and betrayal. A Bridge too far might have been a better tone. If allot of the books about Afghanistan have been too gung ho then try Call Sign Hades by Irish Officer Lt Bury. If you want real action and futility try the BBC soldiers war headcam doc Our War or the one about US marines in Helmand ( not the overrated restrepo.) There are loads of good books and movies out there about war both gung ho and anti war. I would list some decent books and war movies to watch instead but I think I have made my point that this isn't one of them....

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