Oysters at Nam Kee's

Oysters at Nam Kee's

Young Dutch dropout, Berry, falls in love with slightly older nightclub dancer and ex-nude model Thera and gives up his social live with his dodgy comrades and fine family to make a three-stop 'world tour' together. Suddenly Thera ODs terribly, leaving Berry alone with his obsessive but unanswered love which drives him crazy.

A young dropout falls in love with a nightclub dancer... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebeccah R (br) wrote: The last scene makes up for what is missing in the middle... Natalie Portman is fantastic as always... Norah Jones not so much.

AhMet (mx) wrote: A great war movie based on a true story.One of the best war movies of my collection.I recommend this especially for war movie fans.

Jeanni (es) wrote: really nice movie and very sad :(

Devin L (de) wrote: Great comedy and a great family flick. I and my parents were laughing all the way through this one.

Richard D (br) wrote: A group of Yakuza are sent by their boss to Okinawa to help settle a dispute. They suspect there's something phony about the assignment, but they go anyway. When things go seriously wrong, they end up hiding out on a beach where they engage in a series of increasingly childish games and pranks ... until the plot is resolved in a series of violent outbursts. This is one of Kitano's best films. He stars as the leader of the Yakuza, a man so used to violence that he has almost completely withdrawn from life. The interlude at the beach seems to bring him back to life in a way that doesn't allow him to just go on as he had before. Kitano's style ... long slow periods of almost complete stillness punctuated by extremely abrupt bursts of violence ... is almost perfectly matched to this story.

Enrique R (mx) wrote: I wish the producer can continue release new seasons was so good

Andy G (mx) wrote: The Ouija experiment is a decent low budget horror movie about find friends the connect to dead spirits through a Ouija board. But one of the spirits killing them off in their house. B-(2013)

Ahmed K (kr) wrote: marvelous performances..sadly touching

Peter F (us) wrote: Pretty much a style over substance affair. The story is pretty much soulless and has more than a few laughably melodramatic moments. It is one of Paul Schrader's best looking films however.