Oyun la tanam

Oyun la tanam

Directed by Raafat El-Mihi.

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Oyun la tanam torrent reviews

Jlio A (es) wrote: bem legal...no achei toooooooooooooo assustador. Mas gostei.

James J (ag) wrote: Why, oh why, cast Knightley as anything other than British? It's brutal watching her try to eek out an American accent.

Ewa G (kr) wrote: Absolutely brilliant!

Tristan G (nl) wrote: Seeing 1980s New York from the perspective of junkies and mutants has never been so much fun and shocking.

Erika M (kr) wrote: This film just put me in a good mood. Although the major themes were not new...it was a story that seemed ahead of its time. Great seeing Jack Lemon's diversity as an actor coming off the high of winning an Oscar earlier that year.

Angela G (us) wrote: I just wasted a significant part of my day on this movie.... Don't waste yours.

Tyler H (jp) wrote: Great acting, cool story, but real long and prob didn't need to be.