Oz The Great And Powerful

Oz The Great And Powerful

A frustrated circus magician from Kansas is transported to a magical land called Oz, where he will have to fulfill a prophecy to become the king, and release the land from the Wicked Witches using his great (but fake) powers.

A small-time magician is swept away to an enchanted land and is forced into a power struggle between three witches. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mare Q (kr) wrote: meh, was okay. just really really REALLY drags.

Logan M (fr) wrote: It's award worthy screenplay, and well developed plot and characters makes this Wes Anderson's best film.

Ellen L (ru) wrote: How have more people not heard of this movie?

Sabrina R (nl) wrote: I'm not a big fan of romances, but this movie is one of my favorites-- it's extremely sweet and funny. Not enough people know about George Sand and Fredric Chopin but this film does a marvelous job of putting their romance on screen...

Gerrit D (mx) wrote: This was a film I discovered only in the late 1990s and fell in love with it. It's actually my 3rd fav film of all time behind the Time Machine 1960 and Logan's Run. Notice the theme ;) LOVE dystopian films. The music, plot (although diff from the Make Room! Make Room! book from 1966) and flow was perfect. If you love sci-fi and or Dystopias, DO NOT MISS this one. And it's got Charlton Heston. cannot beat that combo!

Antonius B (fr) wrote: Such a heartbreaking tale of teenage angst and tragic love. Natalie Wood is stunning and in a story with some real weight to it, performs brilliantly. The film 'introduces' Warren Beatty, who's no slouch himself, and finer looking couple I don't think you'll ever see.The film opens with the two of them making out heavily while parked by a waterfall (the crashing falls a little heavy in their symbolism), and her stopping him, much to his frustration. Once home, her mother cautions her about going too far, and then tells her that not only do good girls save themselves for marriage, but they don't have those urges at all(!) Meanwhile, he goes home to a father who tells him he'll have to marry her if he gets her pregnant, and then rams his vision for the boy's future down this throat, which is Yale followed by a job in his oil business, all without pausing to listen to him. Both go to bed understandably frustrated. Their parents have spoken to them out of love, but not in an open-minded way, and one that's hopelessly outdated.You really feel for Wood in this film. Her looks of love into Beatty's eyes are intensely endearing. Frustrated, he tests his power over her by pushing her to her knees and saying "at my feet, slave", and makes her tell him how much she loves him. She says she would do anything for him, and we believe it, but understand she won't do *that*. It drives Beatty crazy and he wants to marry her, but his father insists that he wait until after college, and encourages him to go after a "different kind of girl" to relieve his frustrations(!) The well-meaning but bad parenting abounds. Ultimately Beatty breaks it off with Wood despite their love for one another, and from there, her spiral begins.Wood has three fantastic scenes that earned her an Academy Award nomination. In the first, her teacher forces her to recite a poem from William Wordsworth; the words clearly relate to her heartbreak:"What though the radiance which was once so bright Be now for ever taken from my sight, Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower, We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind..."The second has her in the bathtub, where her mother's only concern is whether he "spoiled" her, and her emotional reaction, expressing her grief and frustration of it all, "spoiled?? I'm not spoiled, mom! I'm not spoiled, mom! I'm just as fresh and viriginal as the day I was born, mom!" her voice and emotion rising. We really feel the hypocrisy of the double standard - girls are either "bad" or "good" - and the horrible position this puts them in.In the third scene, Wood throws herself at Beatty, saying she's not a nice girl, and he resists, sensing her desperation and knowing they shouldn't do it in her state of mind. He asks her where's her pride, and she erupts, "My pride?! I haven't any pride! I just want to die!"Did I mention heartbreaking? They part, Beatty to a life of dissipation at Yale, Wood to a mental institution in Virginia. They never forget one another, but their time is past. The ending is brilliantly balanced. A couple of years later she sees him for closure; he's married with a child, and she's engaged. She asks him whether he's happy, and he replies, "I guess so. I don't ask myself that question much ... What's the point, ya gotta take what comes." So poignant. One thing I've always found a little odd is how Beatty's bohemian, somewhat wild sister, played very well by Barbara Loden, disappears after some great scenes, the last of which has her drinking too much out of frustration at a New Year's party, 1929. She underscores the double standard and the desire to freely pursue one's destiny, wanting to go to California and study art, and saying she's a "freak in this town". The other small knock I have is that while the film is set in 1928, aside from the old car and some elements of the set, it really feels like 1961, the year it was made, based on the appearances of the characters and the story itself. No matter, though. This is a timeless story of heartache and passion, and yet in the end, maturity in working through breaking up over a love that (unfairly) couldn't be. Kazan directs it well, bringing out great performances and emotion, without being overly melodramatic. He's also daring - what Beatty (and Wood) want is abundantly clear - while at the same time being honest, and real. Definitely recommended.

Jason M (fr) wrote: Triumph Of The Will is arguably the most powerful propaganda film of all time. For as much as the the Nazis are loathed, they certainly were more advanced than the U.S. with women's liberation as the director, Leni Riefenstahl, was entrusted with capturing the essence of the 1934 National Socialist Party.Given that we can now look back on the atrocities of WW2, the viewer is today able to see how such pomp, stunning visuals and overpowering propaganda can be so misguided towards evil causes. As a visual testament, it is uniquely awe-inspiring. How can so many people, put their wills in the hands of so few? Let this film present a lesson to all regimes past and present that push their agenda on the masses. Surprisingly, it stills happens everyday, in so many countries, yet so few people are aware of it as participants in group-think.

Lor R (mx) wrote: Pretty amazing acting.

Stanley C (ca) wrote: Die Hard 3 may have shed off the generic and terribly boring plot of Die Hard 2 Die Harder, but it can't match the sheer genius of the original Die Hard with a script bombarded with the unappealing combination of pyromania and racist hate speech and puzzles.

Dave S (ag) wrote: Subtle it ain't. Fascinating and shocking, kind of like a gritty, realist "Little Murders" without the tension-relieving comedy parts to help make its harsh exaggerations slightly more palatable. I hope the DVD transfer for this isn't very good - I was watching on an old VHS that still prominently showed flaws from the film transfer and had the washed-out look of a made-for-TV movie, which really added to the experience.

Michael L (kr) wrote: Strange Christian propaganda film with a very odd pro-gun message. Not sure why this film was ever made, but it was pretty awful. Michelle Monaghan is hot, but that's about all this movie has to offer.

Justin B (gb) wrote: Excellent creepy and suspensful 80's gem that is almost ruined by its aimless and anticlimatic ending that more or less trails off instead of concluding the film and answering any questions we still have.

Lauren P (kr) wrote: Really Great movie! Acting was surprisingly well performed.