Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine

Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine


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Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine torrent reviews

Daniele C (nl) wrote: I love musicals! And although this is certainly not the most memorable story (and even less for a guy), it is still a really enjoyable watching.

Craig W (it) wrote: If you can embrace the goofiness - you can enjoy it. If not, you'll hate it.

Cha J (ru) wrote: It's just fun to go along on this meandering journey to a strange and cozy niche.

Bass 9 (ru) wrote: Super fun and violent but at the same time cute movie. It has blood everywhere, so you can call it an action movie. It's all about money, so it could be a heist, it has perky and quirky characters, so it's also comedy. And in the end it's also a love story.

Joshua L (es) wrote: Its real campy and outdated but its still not a bad movie.

Eliabeth H (es) wrote: I love this movie! So sad...made me cried so much! Beautiful music!

Bob W (es) wrote: Comedy where Peter Sellers plays a square, gets cold feet during his wedding and goes Hippie.

Sean C (fr) wrote: Like most Burton films, this is all about visuals and style; the plot is dull. This one though is less annoying than the rest of his post Ed Wood work I cannot hate it.

Joel T (ag) wrote: A well made thoughtful look at the drug trade.

Heather B (kr) wrote: thought it was amazing :)technique in the movie was on too! so proud :)

Luke D (ag) wrote: Best comedy film of all time...ALL TIMEIf you don't fall in love with this film check your hearts still beating.A cast that all went on to be superstars and the loveable John Candy the cherry on top of the cake I love this film so much

Efrain F (mx) wrote: What do you think about this one?