P-51 Dragon Fighter

P-51 Dragon Fighter

As World War Two rages on, the allies are about to push the Nazis out of North Africa. That's when the Nazis turn up the heat, unleashing their secret Weapon: DRAGONS!!! The allies quickly lose ground to the ancient monster, and are close to complete annihilation when the Allies put together a group of special fighter-pilots, specially trained to fight a beast everyone thought was a myth.

s World War Two rages on, the allies are about to push the Nazis out of North Africa. That';s when the Nazis turn up the heat, unleashing their secret weapon - DRAGONS. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek A (ru) wrote: It was actually better than I expected. Way better than Pearl Harbor

Samir S (au) wrote: "Unlike fish who can only see sideways and flies who can see all around, humans can only look forward." The final lines of Caterina in the big city - An endearing slice of life tale.

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Ryan C (gb) wrote: I actually love this movie. It's my favorite of the sequels, mostly because of Willis and jacksons interplay

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