A stranger in the city asks questions no one has asked before. His childlike curiosity will take him on a journey of love, laughter, and letting go.

A stranger in the city asks questions no one has asked before. Known only by his initials, P.K.'s innocent questions and childlike curiosity will take him on a journey of love, laughter and letting-go. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hunter H (es) wrote: I SO want to see this... I mean, Parkour in an action movie? I'm IN...! I TOTALLY want to see it EVEN MORE after seeing the trailer... if not for Paul Walker ALONE (like with Hours)!

Stefano L (ag) wrote: Our favored (?) busty vampire hunter against the usual dumb nazis and the usual mad scientist (Clint Howard!), with crappy action sequences and crappier softcore porn. I've seen worse: BloodRayne I and II.

Paul C (ru) wrote: This is a really deep story that Takashi Miike directed. More deep than usual. The cast was really good in this film. It was cool to see Masanobu Ando in this film who was also in Sukiyaki Western Django. Then you have Sohee Park who was also in The Ramen Girl, which was a pretty different role. The role that was the best in my opinion was of Ryo Ishibashi who was in the american Grudge movies and the movie War. He was so demented in this film, he gave you a chill. The story was interesting but not 100%. They added some interesting animated scenes in the film which I thought was a nice touch. This movie does show a different side of Takashi Miike, but still not his best. If you are a fan of his horror films, you will see a few little added parts to this film that bring that out.

Kateri M (kr) wrote: Terrifying and sad to really see the extent of these extremist loons' brainwashing.

Tracey c (gb) wrote: Plot: While spending time at her grandparent's secluded summerhouse to clean up the place after her grandmother's death, a young woman is plagued by horrible visions and dreams of tragic past events.

Private U (ag) wrote: I love those kids!!!

Dan P (mx) wrote: Found this funny back in the day

Hugo G (nl) wrote: It was very slow, and although it had many deaths. They weren't as impressive or original as Argento's other films.

Matt K (br) wrote: A very interesting movie, not only because of its wartime relevance, but also because the main characters are the group of escaping Nazis. And the weird thing is that you're not supposed to like them. They're definitely the villains of the movie, but they're the ones in every scene, the one's we follow. A normal movie like this would have us following the people trying to track the Nazis down, but Powell and Pressburger decided to do it differently.

Jamie C (au) wrote: This movie was an all round disappointment from the OTT action stunts that if you're over the age of 10 will just roll your eyes at, The acting was pretty bad, The story has been done so many times we can guess what's going to happen next most of the time, Not even Seann William Scotts charm and humour can save this movie, The ending scenes were ok, But the rest of the film is cringe worthy and very forgetful.

Logan M (fr) wrote: Boring and melodramatic.

Tim R (jp) wrote: An exciting sequel to El Mariachi and Desperado from director Robert Rodriquez. What an entertaining action film!