Faces, looks, desire, love, drama, tragedy, shooting.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:P3nd3jo5 2013 full movies, P3nd3jo5 torrents movie

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P3nd3jo5 torrent reviews

Corey W (it) wrote: This was my first chance to see Darkseid in a film, and I have to say I was a little disappointed.

Shantel D (it) wrote: My god, I laughed..... this is so funny!! Stupid and hilarious - some people have more imagination than money. Turkey in a man costume having coffee with a man in a turkey costume.... priceless.

Rangan R (fr) wrote: Under house arrest in a haunted house!Absolutely a kick-ass horror-comedy from the Kiwi. In a horror, usually we expect too much, particularly we calculate them according to how much it scares us. That's a tough job for the filmmaker, but when the comedy tag was attached to it which makes even tougher. In this kind of theme, very rarely people say they're satisfied enough and this is one of those. Yep, a surprise film written and directed by a newcomer. Since it is a New Zealand film, I don't anybody from it, but they all were excellent. Particularly the lead woman was unbelievably good, totally loved her, kind of reminds Nia Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' fame and her expressions too matches for in this film.The story was familiar, even some part of it can be compared to the recent film 'The Boy'. Likewise, other pieces from different films, but I did not care, because it still looked fresh of its own. The way it was developed contributed to the film's success and those suspense lived up to the hype that were made in the early stage of narration. The woman who won't get scared easily, finally meets her ultimate fear after returning to her mother's house where she grew up. But only to discover the house is haunted, followed by mysterious events and the final confrontation between her and whoever on the opposite.Great setting with the awesome performances, and always keeps us on the edge. But the laughs were delivered in the form of black comedy. The twists and turns make the film to flip to the opposite side after reaching at one point of the narration leaving the viewers to judge how strongly it linked to its genre. But I don't think most of them care about that since they're already entertained and only going to witness the final thrilling conclusion. I hope there won't be any follow up, because this one-off film was one of the best from the down under, so I don't want it to be ruined, like they do in the Hollywood. Recommended, you will enjoy it even your rating does not meet what I've given.7/10

Karl C (us) wrote: i want to see this movie very badly!!!!!

sam w (ru) wrote: paul hogan is an outlaw and cuba goodin jr is a mute and wants to be his sidekick this film is so funny

Bill B (it) wrote: Full disclosure: I went into this film expecting the normal western, but hey, it's interesting because it's got Jane Fonda and she's a cutie, right?What I got was a spoofy western with numerous musical interludes, or at least musical bits inserted to move the narrative along, not straight up song and dance numbers.Overall, the film is okay, but I don't know that I would come back to it anytime soon.Rental?

jay n (gb) wrote: Yvonne is beautiful and Dan Duryea is his usual competent self but this is strictly ordinary stuff.

Kate H (it) wrote: Madness as played by David Tennant is an experience. If you are one of those people who refuses to see Shakespeare done in a modern setting need to give this one a chance if only for the fact that Patrick Stewart in this. I never had sympathy for Claudius. Ever. Now the moment after the play and he's praying actually makes me sorry for him, for the few moments before he becomes a total jerk again.Anyway, Tennant is fantastic. You expect Stewart to be amazing (he has been doing this for years after all) but you don't expect The bloody DOCTOR to do this this well. It's a crowd pleaser and that's for sure. Though Ophelia also gets bonus points for her mad little dance.It's emotional, it's touching, it's horrfying. it's fantastic and it just makes me wish that I could have somehow gone to England to see this when it was actually on stage. This is for sure the next best thing, though.

Champ S (ca) wrote: One of the greatest film about heist. The story is simple but all the action scenes are intense and unexpected with lots of good twists. Starting a whole lot more heist film in later decades.

Josh H (us) wrote: HilariousSpoof of Star Wars