Paanch Fauladi

Paanch Fauladi


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Paanch Fauladi torrent reviews

Drew D (fr) wrote: Probably the most generic anthology horror film I've ever seen. I wasn't really expecting much but man was this a lazy film. Boring, totally lacks in creativity, poor acting, and laughable special effects. I've known amateur film makers that sneeze better films than this. This movie makes Tales From The Crypt look like a work by Alfred Hitchcock. What else can be said than its a painful experience to sit through. If you want a better anthology horror film, watch Creepshow or Trick R Treat instead. Stay away from this horrid piece of shit at all costs.

Jordan P (br) wrote: This movie had very poor acting and the cameras used seemed of a lesser quality than most blockbuster films, but else-wise the generic plot-line was fun, some of the characters were fun ideas, some of the situations felt innovative and so it is of a good enough quality that I would recommend it for those who are ok with not taking a movie too seriously.

Aidan H (us) wrote: Its not often I stop a film before its barely begun but, in Inbred's case, a new record was set. How do they get financing for this crap?

Alma Rosa S (ag) wrote: it was just great. I loved it

Julian T (ca) wrote: 'Sleep Dealer' is a very apt title for this film as it will most surely deal you a long, deep, immediate and premature night of deep sleep. In simpler terms, it is boring as hell. Poorly made film ripping off ideas from 'The Matrix' and shoehorning them into a heavy handed message about illegal immigration, labor laws, refugees and government paranoia. I'm shocked that people have such positive things to say about it, because it was not good.From a visual standpoint, the film-making is amateur at best. Over-saturated colors make everything look jaundiced and visually unappealing. PS2 CGI and effects incorporation are laughable. The direction is jarring and badly edited. Just a very poor technically executed film in pretty much every way.The acting is another point of flat out terrible. Pena is unbelievably bad. Unflinching, stone faced, unable to compute any sort of emotion or relateability and just a total waste. What makes his horrible performance even worse is that his character is portrayed to be deep and charismatic which is the antithesis of his acting. Substitute him with a dead fish, and few would notice. In the 'positives' for him, Varela and Vargas are almost as bad, so at least he isn't alone. Ridged and off-putting performances all around.The story has potential, but the most interesting bits are inconsequential. The world they live in is far more interesting than the characters themselves, but unfortunately this isn't focused on. Director Rivera is fixated on these uninteresting doofus characters for some reason, and completely misses out on really exploring this reality. Misses the boat entirely, and becomes a boring, preachy and unbelievably dull.Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not quite sure why I rated it as high as 1.5 stars. It does have some interesting ideas and an interesting idea of the future, but it is completely and offensively underutilized. All in all, a waste of potential and pretty much a total waste of time. But again, it did deal me a good nights sleep, so I give a thumbs up to the title.

Andy O (kr) wrote: I am sick and tired of these movies that go nowhere, of reading a entertaining back of a dvd case and waiting in vain till the credits role for the movie to start, Genova certainly falls into this category. I do get what this film is meant to do to the viewer, its meant to move you and make you think about loss and moving on however I believe there is a better way to show this than Genova. Michael Winterbottom is a excellent director famed for his realistic feel he gives to films, this skill however was wasted on Genova as it led to the viewer feeling that they were watching a live camera feed from the Italian port rather than a movie. The pace is also so slow its almost at a standstill, I felt at one point I was watching Colin Firth on his holidays so little was happening. Very disappointing, Genova adds even with an excellent performance by Colin Firth to the growing pile of Madeira cake being made at the moment, that is films that are alright but don't excite or leave a lasting impression.

Gordon T (ru) wrote: FREAKING CLASSIC . . . the writer off to my right says to watch Nightmares in Red White and Blue. We are revisiting our nightmares and/or working through our fears by watching horror movies. Lots of good gore and explanation . . . now I want to see NIGHTMARES IN RED, WHITE, AND BLUE to compare the two. This movie is out-dated pre-9/11.

Tim S (de) wrote: Love Damon Wayans, but this was terrible.

Ice R (au) wrote: Not as bad as it's put out to be, but not good either.

Shawn E (ca) wrote: oh wow...I was really excited to see this...and...yeah...the best part about it is seeing an 18 year old Jason Bateman

Graham B (nl) wrote: *GUILTY PLEASURE KLAXON* Sylvester Stallone writes, produces, directs and cameos in a rather out there sequel to Saturday Night Fever.Tony Manero was a somebody in 70s Brooklyn. Now living in Manhattan, he is a wannabe Broadway dancer and actual part time dance class instructor/waiter. He meets a snooty dancer who is playing the lead in a show his girlfriend dances in and scores a part in her next show. A love triangle develops as Tony struggles with his own identity and shortcomings. Yada yada yada.How Tony Manero has gone from discotheque king to Broadway is anyone's guess, but you have to leave the last film at the door. What we have here is a high camp masterpiece complete with Frank Stallone music (and a bit part) and Bob Mackie costuming. It's mostly a showcase for Travolta's ass and lunchbox which are beautifully framed in a series of tight trousers. An absurd film, but up there in the "so bad it's good" pantheon.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Subpar slasher with a mildly interesting last few minutes. A killer is among a group of students cleaning out a closing dormitory. No real suspense is created and has the recycled red herring of a strange homeless person wandering around.

STCENTERPRISE (jp) wrote: Lassie come home 1943Starts off in Edenbourow England. They sold Lassie for money and could not afford money to pay for food for Lassie. Lassie dug herself out first time and second time jumped over the fens. Lassie to go to Scotland for a dog show.Heinz the dog handler does not like Lassie. They go to Northern Scotland very mountainous landscape. At 4:00 P.M. Lassie would always want out for meeting for school. Lassie encounters small traveling wagon trick show where small dog named Tuts does tricks like pick up different color rings or jumping through rings. Two burglars have a fight and knock out and kill Tuts in the fight with clubs. I think this film is better because it deals with loss and there is an evident risk where we see the consequences. Lassie jumps out of a two story building and gets a limped foot when trying to escape the dog catcher. Lassie is starving refuses to eat soup.I feel like the story and characters I am invested in and people die that you care about so story is stronger. The ending links and sets up to the next film Son of Lassie.

Mark M (de) wrote: Brilliant film, acting, music and story. Not a feel good movie by any means. Gives you a feel fort he brutality and agony of Nazi Germany and their abuse of the Jews at their concentration camps. Also the day to life in 1950s Harlem.