Paathshala (English: Sacred place of learning ) is a 2013 Telugu film written and directed by Mahi V. Raghav. The original score & soundtrack of the movie are composed by Rahul Raj. The movie released on 10 October 2014 and met with predominantly positive reviews.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
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Paathshala torrent reviews

Hugo S (it) wrote: The early scenes, when the main characters first meet are cute. Then it becomes progressively more and more conventional, so in other words it becomes predictable. The acting is strong though and there is plenty of laughs. The giving birth scene is actually hilarious.

Ricardo Z (ca) wrote: Fucking bizarre man... Nice tits all the movie. Awful interpretations and directing as well.. Lack of story rather than the mom-milf problem between the best friends.

Attilio D (br) wrote: The history is so wrong you would think it was made in America.

Jbells16 B (fr) wrote: Your typical Bruce Willis action film. Both Critics and Users got this one right. 3 stars for me. I would have given 3 1/2 stars, but the Eddie Bunker voice was hard to listen to.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Quite simply one of the worst films ever made. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to have Jerry Springer in a film? Not only that, the acting was subpar at best. At worst, it was horrendously bad. Look, I get it. A lot of people watch Jerry Springer but most of those people would never openly admit to watching Springer. Poor Molly Hagan. Her career never got started because of this film and we have never heard back from her since this film's release. Jaime Pressly might be cute in that Southern trailer park manner but man, she was not good either. Not only that, no one got naked, which further exacerbates the issue with this film. If you know it's gonna suck, have some gratuitous nudity. Not worth seeing ever.

Andy S (it) wrote: Amazing movie. Worth seeing.

Allan C (br) wrote: Broken Lizard made this film before "Super Troopers", but this one is pretty average in comparison. The scenes where they guys from Broken Lizard are together are pretty good, but most of the film focuses on a not so funny, fairly conventional college romance story. Not a horrible movie, but their weakest one by far.

David H (de) wrote: A hillarious Adaption of the Edgar Allen Poe Version of Sindbad (Why it was spelled Sinbad in English?) with great Fights and a great Lou Ferrigno

Steve B (jp) wrote: I''ve been watching this one for years. It is certainly my favorite ex-aequo with Mondo trasho. The sad thing: Divine does not appear in it for he was on tour at the moment. But still, how about an unforgettable ride in Mortville, village of idiots, refuge of all the criminals on the run and where you'll meet neurotic husband-killer Peggy Gravel with her 300lbs lesbian nurse and a bunch of gay leather men, nudists, a former female boxer who gets a sex change and her lover the "dog food murderer" all living for and servicing the evil and twisted overweight Queen Carlotta's dark ambitions. Certainly the most entertaining fairy tale ever filmed and a beautiful story of the war of the lesbians against the social climbers. Thank you John, you're my best!

Dan S (jp) wrote: Fantastic. Great cast.

Marlon M (ag) wrote: One word "Predictable"

solidity q (br) wrote: There is little back story. A lot of gratuitous nudity. It doesn't stand up well to the standard teen vampire flick.

Andrei P (us) wrote: As I kid I went to see this movie twice in the theater I loved it so much. Probably one of my top 5 favorite movies as a kid.

Laura D (ca) wrote: Questionable casting. Exciting production. I was entertained.

Thomas M (nl) wrote: The sausage, in all of its mundane, petty, attention-seeking, grandstanding, soda-guzzling, blurb-weaving glory. This sort of footage should be a matter of national archiving for all presidential campaigns.

Tony L (de) wrote: Rob Lowe is the Bad Influence on goody, goody Spader. Bit of a man's movie but well worth the time to watch.