A junior artist in movies, Anandakkuttan, meets his long-lost German brother, Akash Menon. However, his brother is mentally unstable and he causes trouble to everyone including the neighbors. Initially Anandakkuttan hates Akash Menon, but finally he develops a bond between his brother and himself.

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Pachakuthira torrent reviews

Alejandro C (us) wrote: Historia tan mala y tpica como era de esperar, y peleas que no son nada del otro jueves.

Richard H (br) wrote: Go to college and become a S.H.I.T. Head

Jason P (es) wrote: not bad- the narrator was amusing to watch and the discussions about books were interesting. but it was a bit too long and the payoff- his conversation with Mossman- almost became something of a postscript because of it. worth watching, though, certainly. especially if you're a lover of fine literature. it was interesting enough to make me want to read Stones of Summer, so that's something.

Trev B (jp) wrote: I wish every summer could be Summer of the Monkeys

Inna H (de) wrote: What a huge disappointment. It starts so well. Captivates you, but at the end you get a slap in the face. If the last 2 minutes had been cut, this film would have been a gem. Alas!

Veronica R (fr) wrote: Not a fan of seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in a role as a full on homosexual. However, this being a true story & his role being necessary, it was a good movie.

David F (nl) wrote: This film is divided pretty evenly into two stories of policemen and their romantic trials and tribulations in Hong Kong during the early 1990s. While it's very artfully shot, philosophical, and grounded in its setting it doesn't cut to the heart of the characters the way it does Hong Kong. The portrait of the margins of Hong Kong, it's quickie food counters, neon lit corner stores, commercial bazaars, and tiny apartments is beautiful and memorable.

Liam M (it) wrote: Three stars strictly for the entertaining fight scenes.

Freeson W (mx) wrote: Good, but not quite as good as the book.

Film C (kr) wrote: When a movie is so bad but so good. Much like the cat in the hat, I'm entertained throughout. If you go in expecting nothing then yiu may be pleasantly surprised.

Jeff B (au) wrote: I'm a member of the church and I found this only slightly interesting. Personally, I never knew about this incident, but enjoyed the film somewhat. The problem I have with it is that the story development, characters and their interactions never really drew me in. There just seemed to be a lack of depth or realism to the characters. It was as if such was an after thought to the story itself which, ironically, damaged the story in the long run.But this film is also problematic because it's about faith. And whoa how that can stir up a hornets nest. You can have excessive violence and mayhem in a film and few complain. You bring in God and faith and watch people fly out of their chairs to complain (see the movie critiques on any review site as examples).It's only at the end that it becomes evident that these people are LDS, which I think is a cop out. Sure, the director wanted to make it more generic (why? to gain more viewers?) If they were LDS, they were LDS, so be it. And those asking why were these kids saved and not people in other disasters, I suggest you pray about that one. ;o) Overall, not a bad film. It really didn't touch me. I've seen much better films portraying stories of faith as more realistic and whole with better and more multi-dimensional characters. Not bad, but not great.

Christian C (it) wrote: My favorite Shakespeare movie. Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange are terrific. Visually impressive.