Pacto sangriento

Pacto sangriento


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Pacto sangriento 1990 full movies, Pacto sangriento torrents movie

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Pacto sangriento torrent reviews

WS W (it) wrote: Quite amusing, yet moving (particularly delivered by the superb Anne Ne Ny).

Nando V (mx) wrote: Apart from some really good scares, creative freedom of some scenes and mixed culture solutions: the amateurish direction, sometimes goofy acting and direct takes from the first PA all along with the unsteady (and rushed) final act eventually squander this movie's potential of being 100% better than it's western prequel.

Logan M (ag) wrote: This is ot the porno Dammit

Noname (ru) wrote: Good movie with Cuba playing Radio which hasnt an easy life. He like to watch football and one day the coach let him join and learn to live the life more. Its a drama and true story.

Eve B (ca) wrote: I Own This Movie on DVD

ashley g (es) wrote: i love the movie of with helen mirren its one of my favorite movies with helen mirren

Brigid M (de) wrote: Excellent movie - worth seeing!

Private U (kr) wrote: Dim yr home movies yma oni'n meddwl!!!

Anders A (nl) wrote: Once again Cronenberg in unusual terrain. Who would have though he would do a drag-racing movie? Even though its pretty clean cut and easy watchable. Some love, some intriguers, some actiong, some violence. It's a little bit of everything, though far from his mutilating abnormality in the film-sense.

Vincent W (fr) wrote: This just didn't feel much like a horror/suspense movie. The first one had great feelings of mystery and suspense but this one was more like a family drama with random horrible deaths in it. The soundtrack was quite good but other than that this film just wasn't there.

Michelle S (ca) wrote: Not without its faults, I sat through this movie full of emotion for the whole thing, lovable characters with a universal struggle. But we never know what truly becomes of Mike or Cyril, specifically Cyril who seems to have no one to celebrate their win with.

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Callum M (it) wrote: Mississippi Burning provides a suitably brutal and raw depiction of racism in the Deep South during the 1960's, with a powerhouse pair of performances from Hackman and Defoe. However, the film's initial greatness is let down somewhat by its own genre clashes. What starts off as a crime drama soon evolves into a simplistic revenge thriller that's at war with it's own identity. Nevertheless, there's little denying Burning's hard-hitting staying power.

David A (de) wrote: Yogurt, Mega Chupa, Casco Oscuro...??????