Pad na jou hart

Pad na jou hart

Basson has five days to make it to his father's funeral in Cape Town, but needs to complete certain tasks on this trip before he can call the family company his own. On the road he meets ...

Basson has five days to make it to his father's funeral in Cape Town, but needs to complete certain tasks on this trip before he can call the family company his own. On the road he meets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex V (gb) wrote: Clearly wanted to be something it never would be with such shoddy storytelling. Poor poor poor.

Ben C (es) wrote: Better than SOME spoof films, '30 Nights of all this random crap' is a bland satire of hit or miss gags.

Shireen H (br) wrote: Definitely an important message for our health and environment. And wallets.

Hady M (au) wrote: One Of My Best Ever .... Cristian Mungiu Is Perfect .... Really Icon Picture .

Koi S (ca) wrote: A film can be as bad as a finger poking a nearly shattered piece of glass, at least for the fragile critics. :P

Robert B (es) wrote: Monsturd (Rick Popko and Don West, 2003)I'll put it to you this way: what was the last horror spoof that was actually funny? I can actually answer this question, though I am terrified to watch the movie again (I haven't seen it in decades) to find out how badly it holds up: 1981's Student Bodies. Yes, I'm asserting that it's been more than three decades since someone made a horror spoof that was actually amusing. (I have recently watched two other favorites from that era, 1982's Pandemonium and 1981's Saturday the 14th, and found both had aged... very, very badly. I WILL NOT DEFAME THE MEMORY OF THE HORSEHEAD BOOKENDS.) Now I grant you, these days the horror-spoof standard is measured by the pieces of celluloid defecated out by Team Wayans, who last did anything funny in the In Living Color days, and when you're comparing Monsturd to, for example, Scary Movie 4 or Meet the Spartans, it's hard for even... [I will note here for the record I am attempting to avoid every fecal-matter-based pun I desperately want to put into this review] this to not come up smelling like water-treatment-plant-processed roses. The problem is, you always still have the ghost of that fertilizer smell. While this is leagues above most of the horror spoofs of the past decade, it still stinks.Plot: Jack Schmidt (ha! get it?) (Brad Dosland, whose only other screen appearance came in Popko and West's even more revolting follow-up, 2008's Retardead) is a serial killer on the run from the law. He hides in a toxic-waste-infested sewer, where his genes get inextricably linked to, well, the other things one normally finds in a sewer. Just in case you didn't think being a serial killer made him enough of a shit... (okay, that one I couldn't resist).Juvenile toilet-humor jokes, atrocious acting, inept technical aspects (up to and including direction), and a brain-dead script only take one so far. It is absolutely possible to write a good horror-comedy these days, and even a politically-incorrect one; the hilariously profane Special Dead, from 2006, is all the evidence anyone should need that such is the case. But most of the people who are trying to mine this vein over the past few decades just aren't trying. The American comedy has in the main degenerated into a quest for the quick buck, with no thought given to whether the director is making something timeless-or even something that will be remembered a decade later. The collected works of Chris Farley, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, etc. are testament to that. And it's hard to blame Popko and West for playing in the same court if it actually works vis-a-vis making said quick buck, but don't you wish every once in a while someone in this country would at least attempt to make another Bringing Up Baby or Sullivan's Travels or The Apartment? Monsturd ain't it. *

Dean K (jp) wrote: A well made film about the actor Bob Crane from a hit 70's TV show. His soaring popularity effects him in many ways, becoming a sex addict and with technology progressing at the time making his own "home" videos and pictures. A little known film with a good cast, how much you like it depends on whether you knew of the actor or TV show. I didn't but still found it interesting as it's based on true events.

Brad P (au) wrote: A really strange movie but if u like black comedy u will prob like this...Steve Martin plays a more serious role here

Alex W (nl) wrote: I think i am a little young to fully appreciate this. I missed the whole mid to late 80's hair metal thing.

Bman35494liveca B (ru) wrote: fuuck this is hilariouse

James H (ag) wrote: Compelling film noir, good cast and an interesting choice of actors. Nicely photographed. The writing is excellent and makes the great pac of the film. It?s an interesting story and very engrossing.

scott j (ca) wrote: pretty low budget British made film.not z great cast,pretty boring story and for some strange reason features music from big trouble in little China.

Nick P (de) wrote: Some amazing idea, but overly crowded with things that are over exageration of things that don't make sense. With more time spent on a better script writer, some better actors, and a good script supervisor and this film could have had the potentional to be a 5-star action flick. Great story, and brilliant ideas, honestly.

Tiber C (au) wrote: Ripoff of Over The Hedge and Everyone's Hero.