Pada suatu cinta dahulu

Pada suatu cinta dahulu

Zainal, a man feeling pressured and dissatisfied with his current marital life, thinks back to his past when he was a mischievous student who fell in love with Azura, a girl like him whom he betrayed.

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Hassan A (mx) wrote: One of finest Super Hero from Marvel... Favorite of Children & even my 2nd Fvrt too

Mago B (mx) wrote: Una de las concepciones teognicas y cosmognicas ms inteligentes, divertidas y brillantes que he presenciado.

Marina N (br) wrote: Tomei, Slater and Perez give great performances that deserve being seen. For the first half, the movie is quite good. A romantic movie that is elevated above the average by interesting characters. Yet, in the second half, it chooses the straight path to a soap opera, which is always a path downhill.

Jason H (es) wrote: Beautifully filmed, excellently crafted, this film actually inspired me to buy the book that it was based on and read it. Not something I do very often.

Scott R (ca) wrote: Pushing the boundaries with this Japanese mafia story about trying to go straight. To be honest, much of the movie was confusing and hard to follow. But it must be applauded for its creativity and original work.

Simon T (ru) wrote: Bonkers sequel to the leaden original. Plays like a camp TV version of an Irwin Allen schlockfest. Much more enjoyable than the original, but only because it doesn't have any self-importance. A waste of the great Victor Buono though.

007 W (es) wrote: The amazing spider man is fine, it's not the worst spider man movie but it's so weak