Padamati Sandhya Ragam

Padamati Sandhya Ragam

The story of an Indian girl falling in love with an American in 80s USA.

The story of an Indian girl falling in love with an American in 80s USA. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (gb) wrote: Metallica in concert with some sort of weird apocalyptic adventure going on with one of the roadies

Juan R (nl) wrote: The worst movie ever. Very near with Mama Mia.

Bill B (ca) wrote: This was a wild hair TiVo recording based on a few names involved, and I must say that while it ended up being somewhat interesting (a group of volunteers for a research study find themselves in a MKUltra-style indoctrination) as the various characters are given increasingly impossible choices to make in the room with one another.Give that mother a cable watch!

Sophie B (kr) wrote: Pretty good story but the acing isn't too great. It was ok, just not thrilling. The music was really good though and it is a good watch if you're bored. But I wouldn't recommend people to go and see it.

Bryan K (it) wrote: An inspiring, sweet little film about seeing vs. believing, and about family and love. I enjoyed it.

Nickels K (nl) wrote: [size=3][font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Well we got a line up for ya. I saw 2 other films. One was Grapes of Wrath which I saw on the big screen which was cool and All that Jazz which as you can see enters my top 10. Let's begin. Rated X, the Emilo Estevez directed film about the infamous Mitchell Brothers Of "Beyond the Green Door" fame, which, if you don't know the history of porn, was the follow-up hit after Deep Throat that help porn get into the mainstream. Starring Charile Sheen and Emilio Estevez as the 2 bros we follow them breifly through their early lives, and then the years between 1967 - 1991. Although having a variety of sex scenes the film has a made for TV feel to it... which technically it was, it premeired on Showtime. The story is very interesting though, so that's always good. However this is a very flawed film. Estevez in the beginning as a director looks pretty decent at the beginning and end. However the middle seems bland direction wise with spots of interesting exceptions. As an actor, he's rather dull as a porn king addicted to cocaine, however thankfully Charlie Sheen is amazing at being a porn king addicted to cocaine so you tend not to think about him as much. There wasn't much else except one thing. They should have fired the make-up artist. Those are some of the worst bald caps I've ever seen. I couldn't keep my eyes off them. I don't know how you couldn't have caught how bad these were. There actually an interesting metaphor in this cause Sheen's bald cap is usually fine (like one shot it isn't), but Estevez's is horrendous. Anyways an interesting topic in a flawed film. This Film is Not Yet Rated I won't spend very long on. Just know that you should see it, It's amazing, I've waited over a year to see this (I'm not joking) and it's worth it, the end made my mouth hang open, it's well done, I learned a lot, it makes me wanna riot on the streets, and it's a tad short. See it! Venus is a character study-comedy that if not for Peter O'Toole would have been released in August with so-so reviews and with no audeince. O'Toole plays an old pervert who falls in love with a young girl who drinks too much. He hangs around her and they make an unlikely friendship if you will. There are some humorous parts, and there are some interesting philosophies thrown about. However this film can't escape it's averageness (it's directed by the Notting Hill director, go figure). The cinematography is good at points, but mostly bland. The locale is put in a bland perspective. The cast is decent. Basically it's an average film with some thought put into it, that makes it a somewhat interesting character study of an old man, but really is too bland for greatness. See ya next time! [/font][/size]

Gke Y (es) wrote: bu filmden nefret ettiimi sylemi miydim? ediyorum gerekten.

Martin S (jp) wrote: Surprisingly engaging love story set in the harsh northern Iranian climate.

Shaun B (br) wrote: A terrible film, b/c it tries to be semi-good and fails miserably in the process. Interesting to know Harry Potter family is in this movie. Also, don't be fooled into watching this, as was I, thinking that it's a movie about the phenomenal phenomenon that is online trolling. No, it's not that at all. It's a 1980s B-movie horror and it sucks and I want my time back but that's as fantastical as this fantasy failure was in trying to provide a more than tepid entertainment package. I look forward to the "sequel" that has equally as bad reviews. I do hope it concentrates on the topic I am interested in learning more about. No more actual trolls, please. Thank you.

John B (de) wrote: Absolutely loved it. Long known to me as a break through film for Hallstrom, this movie came through with all the anticipated charm.

Weul S (it) wrote: A philosopher quickly becomes a Fascist spy & is ordered to assassinate his professor, but after Mussolini's fall, he just as quickly rats out other Fascists he called friends. A beautifully shot yet completely boring political film.

Elise P (mx) wrote: I was really looking forward to this classic exploitation film, and was sadly disappointed. The thin plot is uninteresting, and the characters are flat and generally unattractive in quality. The film is also humourless making it's sexism and undertones of violence frustrating as the film isn't in fact sexually or violently explicit. This creates a conundrum with no compensation for the gratuitous violence and sexism. The car chases aren't that exciting and the plot just seems to derail further and further. Unfortunately the female characters are flat sadistic archetypes of women. There seems to be little that redeems this feature. The real reason that this film falls under the Grindhouse category is it's amorality, lust for greed, the seemingly compassionless and motiveless sadism of the characters while at the same time it isn't visually explicit. Rather the film hints at darker violence and also lesbian themes between the characters. The soft violence are poorly and obviously choreographed with fight scenes that look more "rough and tumble" with the classic sound effects with the intention of being "erotic" but instead are just unrealistic. Unfortunately these aren't quite over-the-top to be comical, they're just terrible. I think the faults of the film could be forgiven if the film had been more fittingly melodramatic and over the top. Instead the sub par performances (atrocious acting), terrible script, lack of humour and bland cinematography make this an arduous watch. One interesting thing of note is the dinner table scene eating chicken reminded me of a similar scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). Overall this film would be better explored as a study rather than a casual viewing experience, as it is quite dull to watch.

Andrew R (de) wrote: Another gem amongst the large number of high quality, british science fiction stories from the fifties. A fissure opens up in a quarry where an Army platoon are training. A large, gooey jam-like monster emerges and proceeds to terrorise the nearby scottish communities. As the creature consumes energy it grows, and soon tries to devore a nuclear power station. The acting is good qaulity, it has a decent musical score to compensate for the low-budget special effects and best of all it was a defining piece of hammer-horror.

Pivi L (it) wrote: Mission Impossible 40's style ;) Pretty funny WW2 thriller of American secret agents going behind enemy lines in the invaded France. All characters (no matter German, French or Dutch) speaking English bugged me as well as the overwhelmed "Americans will save the world" attitude. The non-Hollywood ending gets credits from me though.

JayKumar B (ru) wrote: quintessentially a romcom in bw

Martin T (es) wrote: Not a big Michel Simon fan. He almost ruined L'Atalante, and here he plays it even more over-the-top. The movie, one of Renoir's first, starts out promising with some sharp satire, but devolves into a tedious series of incidents involving Simon acting like a prick. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but I found it irritating.

Ben M (es) wrote: So much fun! Like a "Simpsons" Halloween Special that goes for 2 hours.

Richard S (mx) wrote: Kurt Russell and his impressive facial hair obviously went straight from this brutal western to another in the genre with The Hateful Eight. Both characters are similar and fit well with the stories. Here he plays a well respected and feared sheriff of a small town in the midwest. He returns to the jail one morning to find his only captive, his deputy and the town's doctor gone and so begins a treacherous trek across an unforgiving landscape to discover the fate of those that were taken by an unknown enemy. The story is superb, mashing two great genres together, the classic western and grisly horror. It's laced with a dark humour and 4 strong leads who work well together. One I will definitely be watching again.