Padre padrone

Padre padrone

The true story of the life of Gavino Ledda, the son of a Sardinian shepherd, and how he managed to escape his harsh, almost barbaric existence by slowly educating himself, despite violent opposition from his brutal father.

The true story of the life of Gavino Ledda, the son of a Sardinian shepherd, and how he managed to escape his harsh, almost barbaric existence by slowly educating himself, despite violent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vin S (br) wrote: ...To say this is a classic is one thing, but the truth is, it holds up very well in the twenty-first- century. Of course, if they remade this movie, there would be a different approach--but then it wouldn't be true to the period. The performances are moving. The story is timeless and universal. Those of jaded mind should watch The Matrix, or Batman. Or something that takes them away from a story that forces us to bare our hearts to ourselves. That's hard, actually. Easier to lose oneself in car crashes, and whizzing bullets, and FX shots, mixed with cgi. There are nights when those modern flicks serve a great purpose. Other nights when it is time to turn back the clock and watch classic movie making.

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or g (br) wrote: breathtaking of the best japanese movies ever

Scott A (br) wrote: Okay, it was an actual decent story and the movie flew by, and of course Saldana was fantastic. The problem lies with Cannon. Not sure if I just didn't like him, but the character he plays is such a douche, you want to smack him crazy all the time. He just always is causing issues. Maybe that was the point, but it bugged me a lot.

Tara H (nl) wrote: The version I watched was in very poor quality, but still this is a true Hollywood classic. My favourite was when all the passengers on the bus are singing together. Pure bliss!

Julian P (mx) wrote: After watching it again after all these years, I loved what I saw.It's not perfect but watching it is a lot more enjoyable as a grown up.

Helena K (it) wrote: It had potential??that cast!??but it completely disregarded it.

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Sean D (au) wrote: Awesome film that covers racism for some reason, which I felt was unnecessary given the time period. But the main point was about a company who was treating employees unfairly and a union rep comes into town and refuses to leave until the union is either established or never comes into fruition. Very well done, very interesting. Definitely, an amazing film that needs to be seen by everyone.