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Pago Para Ver

A blind man. A belvedere. One coin.

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Andy G (es) wrote: The Ouija experiment is a decent low budget horror movie about find friends the connect to dead spirits through a Ouija board. But one of the spirits killing them off in their house. B-(2013)

George B (it) wrote: At first it seemed like another teenage porn but suddenly took a surprising turn as a gripping story. It reminded me of Doug Liman's "Go" but with an actual subject to show how troublesome this internet-driven world could be. The characters may be exaggerated but definitely convincing. Watch out for Andrew Neel. He could be the next Tarantino.

Brian S (ru) wrote: Stop me if you've heard this one before.The owner of a haunted house attraction travels to Africa and brings back a statuette that has the power to manifest people's fears. She doesn't know this, and why someone would need to go all the way to Africa to get props for their haunted house is beyond me, but what the heck. It just so happens that the haunted house attraction she owns is called House of Fears; it has nine rooms, each of which has the theme of something people are afraid of. There's death, ghosts, knives (new one on me), spiders, clowns and four others that escape me at the moment. It's a pretty random assemblage of phobias... but what the heck. The owner has no further role in the film.Six teenagers meet up at a party. There are two stepsisters, one bitchy and one nice; a jock; a slutty chick; a nerdy guy who has keys to the haunted house; and the token black guy. They decide to have a tour of the haunted house with the statuette in it, get locked in, and have to get out before they get killed.The rest of the flick consists of the teens being picked off by things they're afraid of. The nice stepsister, who turns out to be the hero, is particularly afraid of scarecrows. There's no scarecrow-themed room in the haunted house... but what the heck.The story is paper-thin, as is the acting. This is a formula flick all the way; nothing in it will surprise anyone who has seen a few horror movies. The evil clown is probably the scariest thing in "House of Fears," but it appears all too briefly and is killed all too easily. Other than that, what we've got here is a series of vignettes of the teens being killed in not particularly gruesome ways, all knitted together with them running about yelling, "We've got to get out of here!" The choice to have a scene early in the film in which all of the teens conveniently tell us what their fears are, except for the one afraid of clowns, insures that this carnival attraction won't hold any surprises at all. But... what the heck.PG-13 horror at best. You'll begin forgetting this one as soon as the feature ends.

Asif K (fr) wrote: Horrible movie with a terrible plot and the worst acting I have seen in a long time. Ultimately, if it weren't for the eye candy, it would be a waste of time. But I can't say my head wouldn't turn if I saw it playing on a television nearby.

Johnny R (gb) wrote: Great directing debut by Tom Hanks this is a fun perfect film. and is a complete joy to watch

Jean A (de) wrote: I liked this movie a lot.. sad and cute the tittle says it all: Family... and what's about.

gary t (us) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie...i think that madelene stowe plays a good part throughout this movie.,its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie..i think that aidan quinn is good playing the detective in this movie..its a freaky movie 2 watch its eerie as well because you never know what 2 expect throghout this edge of your seat thriller movie..its a spooky/freaky movie 2 watch n its enjoyable as well

Allie L (es) wrote: This shit was insane. It got kinda annoying at parts, but the twists totally made it worth it, I thinl. Gerard is hot, Maria Bello was awesome, but Pierce seemed a little weird. I like him playing fluffy nice guys instead.

Andreas O (gb) wrote: Low-budget exploitation flick in the usual style of Troma, set in a society that can't seem to decide whether it's post-apocalyptic or not. Deriving from movies like Mad Max, Surf Nazis Must Die is a far-fetched splatter film that - while hardly meant to be taken seriously - is surprisingly difficult to follow. My advice: just roll with it. A midless way to waste an hour and a half if you're in the right mood.

Alexander Z (ag) wrote: Yup, it's as bad as they say.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: Written and directed by Frank Henenlotter, (Brain Damage (1988) and Frankenhooker (1990)), this schlocky monster comedy-horror was made for a meagre $33,000. But Henenlotter manages to do so much with so little, and whether the comedy is intentional or not doesn't seem to matter, it's a fun film to watch, even if it is unbelievably gory in places with shocking body horror. Duane Bradley (Kevin Van Hentenryck) was born with a Siamese twin on his side, Belial, who is hideously deformed and only the size of a football. Belial was removed and left for dead, but Duane's kindly aunt (Ruth Neuman) took care of them both. But they're both grown up, and Duane carries Belial around in a wicker basket, and they've checked into a sleazy hotel in New York, which has some very nosey neighbours. It turns out Duane and Belial have vengeance in mind, against the doctors who separated them all those years ago. But, when Duane falls for Sharon (Terri Susan Smith), it sours his relationship with brother Belial, who goes solo. It's a very silly film at heart, but there are parts that are difficult to watch, but it manages to be great fun in the end, and it has a touch of An American Werewolf in London (1981) about it's tone and structure. Henelotter made a few sequels, but they didn't have the charm or the no-budget shocks of the original.

Hawk (gb) wrote: A very good fantasy film that unlike many of it's ilk seems to be entirely focused on a single goal. Sadly it suffers some from a somewhat confusing narrative during the first part and some drawn out scenes. Still if you want 80's fantasy this is the one to see.

forcebucket B (es) wrote: A criminally underrated movie that was far better than the oscar favorites of that year. *great movie

Katie A (nl) wrote: So random, and so boring. Its not only that we have seen this story a million times before, but its actually been done better, a million times before. I can not believe that a film with a cast like this, manages to fall so flat and become so transparent in character building and humor. With a main character that is looking and acting like a confused, helpless little bunny through the whole thing, really ticks me off. Paralyzed figures is fine for the time being, but if they become completely incapable of any action what so ever, i just back down, and ultimately stop caring about what happens. A tedious little "comedy", with very little substance. I dont think i laughed a single time, but rather kept looking at the timer, to see if it would finish soon.

John A (gb) wrote: Phenomena, is Dario Argento's 1985 excursion into Giallo which features minor supernatural elements. Jennifer Connolly Stars As Jennifer, a teenager who has recently discovered she can control insects through an extra sensory perception usually found in the insects themselves. She teams up with a world renowned entomologist (Donald Pleasence), to investigate a series of brutal murders of schoolgirls. This is an entertaining slow burn crime thriller, which features a heavy metal score, provided once again from Goblin, withna little help from Iron Maiden & Motorhead.