Pagpag: Siyam na buhay

Pagpag: Siyam na buhay

A spirit of a recent dead man hunts down nine persons and tries to kill them after the victims ignored some superstitions during his wake. One of it being that no one should go home ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
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A spirit of a recent dead man hunts down nine persons and tries to kill them after the victims ignored some superstitions during his wake. One of it being that no one should go home ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam H (es) wrote: Moving. Incredible. Poignant. Don't miss this drama of aging and love as well as the accurate reflection of the absurdity of government regulation. All wrapped up in a tight package.

Parker S (kr) wrote: An interesting documentary, this movie follows Buck, think Cesar Millan with horses, as he travels across the country helping other horse owners with misbehaving colts. He pulls his soft and gentle approach to horse discipline from his childhood when he was abused by his father. It is moving, funny and interesting how he relates horses to people and while he trains horses, he also trains people. Its an inspiring tale, of a tortured soul who overcame his obstacles and used his pain for good. Buck is a fascinating subject with his quiet, polite and wise personality.

Ed C (de) wrote: One line summary: Short script short on ideas, light on acting.-------------------------------------- Rebecca is at a boarding school with dress codes, early morning meetings, prayers, and the like. Her friend Charlie gets kicked out for breaking a window, for instance; students get detention for being late for morning meetings. Rebecca and Lucy were best friends until Ernessa came along. Rebecca suspects that Ernessa is a vampire, but no one want to hear anything negative about Ernessa. Rebecca's attempts to straighten this out only backfire as Lucy gets sick, then weaker, then dead. Her attempt to confide in Mr. Davies results in his hitting on her; later, he reports her 'troubled' behaviour to Mrs. Rood to get ahead of any child molestation charges, one guesses. Rebecca's own problems (her poet father committed suicide) are brought up frequently. The school is concerned for her. Some of her daydreams are ridiculous. Will Rebecca stay in school? Will she expose Ernessa? Is the school complicit in Ernessa's actions?------Scores------- Cinematography: 8/10 A bit dark and fuzzy in some passages, but mostly fine. Sound: 10/10 No problems. Acting: 4/10 This film might appeal to teen girls; others, perhaps not so much. The adults are all imperious or criminal. Most of the teens are portrayed as short sighted. Sarah Bolger portrays a deeply flawed individual, but is not all that believable. Screenplay: 5/10 The story was short on ideas, and the few it had were not executed all that well. Rebecca gets to do all sorts of things at the school with no detection, no reprimands, or even discussion. It seems like she would have been expelled for any number of her actions.

Kenneth N (jp) wrote: Pretty good mystery/suspense drama.

Chris B (gb) wrote: just going to start this off by saying I love Dawn and day, I respect night it's a classic but dawn and day are my favorite zombie films, overall I like the idea and where George is taking his series, I honestly don't have a problem with the film until the end, the zombies just walk away!!!, zombies don't do that, it pains me to see that ending and it really effects the overall film for me personally, it's not great but it's a lot better than his next to in my opinion.

Jack Mbongeni N (ru) wrote: I loved the whole movie and I anna see it again, itz great and I just want it now!

Larry Y (ru) wrote: Rainy Sunday afternoon watch it if it's on TV-type white trash comedy. Awesome soundtrack, though.

David W (nl) wrote: a faster paced fricke film. i've heard from friends that this movie will cause your brain to have some very strange reactions when viewed while under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms. but i thought while completely sober that this movie is a time lapse overload of age and nature in the world.

Keith (us) wrote: before Almodovar, I think Antonioni knows women the best. his gaze of women are unqiue and focus. this film represent the idea about freedom of love in a women circus. those 4 charactor are the model of the different type on the model women. sure sexy and the city got a lots of idea from this piece

Nikolas G (de) wrote: classic Hollywood movies with bright cast , as the most movies of Sirk

Andrew U (es) wrote: For Your Eyes Only is a slow-burner of a Bond film with some great ideas that could have been executed better.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: Collin Farrell is great in this movie- super funny and well directed

Ioana B (jp) wrote: It should've been lovely and painful but unfortunately it was just blank.

Isadore H (gb) wrote: This was a great movie, but also hard to watch. Mickey Rourke puts on a great performance, one that is so gritty and lifelike that when he is wrestling or dealing with his family issues they feel so real, something few other movies can match. It's hardest to watch when he messes up things with his daughter, and his sort of girlfriend, it felt like Randy the Ram was going through one of the roughest parts of his life, and we were just there for the depressing ride. The wrestling scenes were also pretty bloody at times, and you could feel the medical cost was outweighing any money he was making off of wrestling, but Randy couldn't stop because wrestling is the only thing he knows how to do well. Great film, one that won't easily be forgotten.