Brij Mohan leaves his village home and settles down in Bombay, India. His mother refuses to go with him and remains alone in their palatial home. Brij gets married, his wife gives birth and...

Brij Mohan leaves his village home and settles down in Bombay, India. His mother refuses to go with him and remains alone in their palatial home. Brij gets married, his wife gives birth and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paheli torrent reviews

Ethan P (kr) wrote: A great neo-noir crime drama, with outstanding performances and cinematography.

Francisco R (mx) wrote: Too good to be truth. I genuannly liked this movie, I don't blame anyone who didn't like it, but I think that everybody should waste a bit of time and watch this. Does it look boring? Yes. Is it boring? Only a couple of times, because watching a movie placed in a house all the time is never 100% boring, but, let me tell you something, this movie is very deep and I don't think it should just be a TV movie, it should go a bit beyond than that. This movie surprised me because it's like a Holy Bible in a movie version. Sow, this movie is deep, it has a big moral and tells you that besides your life's problems, you just have to face them and keep walking and still having faith that you will let them go, that's what this movie is all about. This is not one of the greatest movies ever created, but it is very good and I belive that if I only heard these two guys voice's I would still like this movie so much as I did. This movie is the opposite of The Artist, it's full of talks, but it let you speachless. Very good movie.Tommy Lee Jones directs this movie okay. Samuel Jackson takes sort of a lead role, I really liked his character as a man of God, I liked his perfomance and acting in this movie, Samuel is known from Pulp Fiction, The Incredibles, Thor and some other movies. Tommy Lee Jones is okay in here, I think he just played a very depressed guy in here and that was basicly it, he was nothing fantastic, Tommy is known from The Company Men, No Country for Old Men, The Fugitive, Men in Black and some other movies. Sow, these were just the only two people that stared in this movie, that's right, there were any other peole in it, there was only them, wich was good enough, they were both good in this movie, so that doesn't make you begg for other actors in here. Great cast.A man of God (Black: Samuel L. Jackson) stands in a big discussion about religion, beliefes and much other things with a lonely college professor (White: Tommy Lee Jones) who was about to suicide himself if "Black" wasn't in there. So, they stay talking about several things about he schoulders lifes and beliefes while "Black" does everything to make sure that "White" won't comit suicide after leave his apartmen.(What I thought about the plot) Sow, I really liked the plot, it was not heavy at all but it could work well. Movies in these days take big risks by doing things like this, making a movie with a simple discussion it's a dangerous thing to do that's way they just probably limited their selfs by only making a TV movie, if they knew that the movie was going to be so good as this, they would probably think twise...Soundtrack, well, in a movie like this there's no soundtrack at all, I mean, there was a theme in one or two scenes, but nothing great.Besides all that, I am now going to tell you what I really thought about this movie. First of all, I can honestly say that I didn't gave four stars to what I saw, I do only give four stars to what I heard, I could probably hear this movie's lines in radio or something, because I would still like it, this movie was really good to be truth. There's some really deep lines froom the characters and sometimes we can hardly understand what they are talking about and the characters lurn words along the movie wich also makes you lurn some new words as well. Sow, as you can see, this movie combined three elements, wich were dictionary, Holy Bible and movies. This movie is a great movie but we feel kind of embarassed by saying this about a TV movie, that instead of that, should go beyond it. Do I think you should watch this movie? Well, yes, I do, but only if you are a person with a good movie taste, but attention, you will probably like the movie, but I can't garantee to you that you're going to get entertained for the entire 90 minutes of the movie, but yes you will suck some several and large great things from it. The movie should be watched by much more people, but, from the ones who did, I can say that most of those people have a good taste for movies, because this movie could get a 7.4 in IMDb. Overall, I liked this movie a lot and it just shows that a movie can go much beyond than images, it can just be centered in powerful words, this is a kind of The Artist but it didn't deserved so much credits for it, but whathever, great cast, great plot, great movie. I really liked it, I recommend it to everyone exept for people who can't hear nothing. Really good.Really good movie. Very recommended movie. Grade: B.

Hans M (ag) wrote: I was a little dissapointed while watching this film , it's obviously very low-budget , and has almost no special makeup fx . It was most probably shot with high-end consumer camcorders . But the Actor portraying the Killer is good , and the acting although not great acting it is , is spontaneous and it comes off as what a home video of friends would be. There are some cool scenes , and we see the killer daydreaming alot , some scenes are so amateurish that it comes out being funny. Anyway , it's not a bad Movie. But it's very low-budget , so forget the nice cover of the DVD packaging , this is not a standard Hollywood film . But it has it's moments.