Pai in Love

Pai in Love

A group of friends visit the scenic town of Pai between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Song to look for an idea to make a good movie that will best describe the story of this town. They have different opinions on this town so they decide that each person will go out and find their own ideas to put in the movie.

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Vikesh M (mx) wrote: While the acting is decent and the songs enjoyable, Heropanti serves the typical indian fare; arranged vs love marriage, slow-motion fight scenes and an actor with 5 less expressions than his 6 pack.

Nayeli G (au) wrote: ninos que bailan bonito y adultos que sufren, bueno los ninos tambien sufren un poco

Prakash N (nl) wrote: Nothing new superhero movie, but a good one for bollywood .The movie is 45min too long.

Michael W (ru) wrote: A desperate man attempts to seize an opportunity to free himself from his overbearing and insufferable mother-in-law. Not only does he become a victim of his own inescapable cover up and deception but also discovers the torment of his mother in law extends from beyond the grave. Pretty good even if it lags at times with character actor Hector Elizondo showing well.

Tom B (ru) wrote: A simple tv documentary (and not a new one) by feel, but the footage and the subject are amazing. The guy's a great carpenter, and very clear and organized about all the things he needs to do to survive. Watching the cabin go up is awesome.

Matthew L (us) wrote: An incomprehensible mess of a film, that's more of a sequel to the TV series than any of the previous films, in fact it completely ignores 2 and 3. Do your best to ignore the terrible editing, geography, dubbing, special effects and continuity errors and take a little solace in the fact that multiple edits of this film exist which goes a little bit towards explaining why this is such a mess. One for completists, sadists and insomniacs only.

Tom H (de) wrote: not too bad monster flick.

lloyd s (br) wrote: What the hell people!!!! This is a classic!!!!!

michael b (br) wrote: love them nasty puppets

D M (kr) wrote: A guy dealing with blackouts finds the underground city of his nightmares, Midian. While not accepted straight-away by its inhabitants, he soon becomes a resident after being shot dead by the police for being a baby-slasher. When his girlfriend goes looking at the place he died, she finds the tribe of undead nocturnal monster demon-residents of the subterranean city. Because of her meddling, a war between the undead and the living residents of a nearby town ensues. Mostly poor art design and an uneven, choppy storyline. Clive Barker directed this, so you know there's weirdness for weirdness-sake. Not great.

Blake P (nl) wrote: Movies can work wonders when it comes to scaring audiences straight. "Basic Instinct", a sleek exercise in noiry eroticism, ignited a fuse within us that caused one to wonder if the person sleeping next to them is really one to be trusted. "Fatal Attraction" deterred married men from screwing around in fear that the other party might turn out to be, you know, a crazy person. 1971's "Play Misty for Me", the directorial debut of the inimitable Clint Eastwood, is of the same category as the latter, working as a supremely suspenseful tale of a one-night-stand gone wrong. It stars Eastwood as Dave Garver, a disc jockey living the life of a carefree, contented bachelor. He sleeps around not as a nympho waiting in the wings but as a man at ease with treating himself on a regular basis, picking up women in bars, dropping them the next day, continuing on with his cushy job. One night, while residing in the comfy confines of his regular tavern, he captures the attention of Evelyn Draper (Jessica Walter), a sexy brunette. It only takes her a few moments to admit that she's a huge fan of his show, and that their meeting isn't so much a coincidence as it is the result of her eager listening (she noticed a promotion for the bar earlier that day). Dave is intrigued, and the two, throwing caution to the wind, end up spending the night together. Evelyn promises that strings won't be attached as soon as their few hours together ends, but she, as it turns out, isn't so good at keeping her word: the following afternoon, she shows up at his doorstep, groceries in hand, acting as if they've been together for years. Red flags are strung up everywhere, but Dave isn't one to do away with good manners, and they end up casually continuing their fling. But once his ex (Donna Mills) comes back to town after a prolonged vacation, they rekindle their relationship, igniting the jealousy of the unstable Evelyn, who slowly begins to let sanity slip away and let murderous fire clog her pores. As her actions become increasingly alarming, Dave is forced to decide whether to take matters into his own hands or let the law figure things out. But considering that Dave is portrayed by Clint Eastwood, it's easy to tell which direction he'll go. The story of "Play Misty for Me" has been played out dozens of times, sexily or unsexily - but what makes it sting so greatly can only be indebted to Eastwood's understated directorial choices and Walter's tour-de-force performance. As the lead, Eastwood is as drily masculine as ever; but as director, we see talent even more prominent, magnificently effective. Even in its quieter moments, the film bears an acutely ominous foreboding, as if we can see a lion ready to lunge miles away but can hardly tell when that instantaneous shock will let itself be known. The mini-climaxes, found through Evelyn's many unsettling violent outbursts, are edited with a precision so electric that one can only be reminded of "Psycho" or artfully minded giallo flicks of "The Black Belly of the Tarantula" label. Never do we feel safe throughout "Play Misty for Me"'s entirety, and that's what makes it such an unforgettable thriller: we're thrilled even when it's not trying to be thrilling. Walter, in an archetypal role made more famous by Glenn Close some 16 years later, is spectacular. Delicately unhinged but not campily so, her mounting aggression is terrifyingly believable. Walter is so in control of her performance that we can subtly see the insanity creeping behind her eyes even before we know of her true mental state. As she moves past clinginess into obsession into homicidal intention, we are hardly surprised - it's a natural progression, and Walter hits all the right notes. A performance of this category is hugely difficult to pull off - an actor doesn't want to appear over-the-top nor predictable - but Walter finds middle-ground between unusually toned-down Joan Crawford territory and Anthony Perkins likability. It's a superbly frightening performance, and Walter convinces. In "Play Misty for Me", Eastwood toys with us like it's some sort of sick game, but it's the kind of toying that seduces us, abandons us, yet still manages to bring us back wanting more. It's latter-day, more adult Hitchcock. Since its release, Eastwood has managed to have a filmmaking career more fruitful than most actors could ever imagine: the first introduction to his powers remains to be one of his finest.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: a movie made for the sixties drive-in make-out crowd(who wouldn't be watching it anyway, eh?), a campy "romp" with hollywood's teen draw (?) stars, frankie avalon and dwayne hickman (dobie gillis), but the surprise here is vincent price for giving this house payment his very all. the ending is about 20 minutes of oh-how-i-wish-this-was-slapstick, more sad than kitchy-koo. only for those stoner nights, i think. but it's a sad reminder of many hours of my youth gone watching sorry dreck of this low caliber. hey! i just got through watchin it!!! they got me again...dammit!

Patrick M (it) wrote: The ending was a little weak but overall, it's a suspenseful and interesting sci-fi film with some good creepy atmosphere.

Calan P (it) wrote: Such a very below average film.

WS W (br) wrote: Lars von Trier's early shocker.Different, solid & still reachable although kinda long winding.

Jose C (de) wrote: Never read the book or seen the original but this film seems to focus more on the subtext leaving some of the story very confusing and in a way feels unfinished. The acting is very bad at parts, but the film is watchable.

Christian C (de) wrote: I didnt understand it.