Paiyaa (Tamil: பையா ; English: Boy!) is a 2010 Indian Tamil romantic-action film written and directed by N. Linguswamy. It stars Karthik Sivakumar and Tamannaah Bhatia in the lead roles, with Milind Soman, Sonia Deepti and Jegan essaying supporting roles. The film revolves around a journey of a young couple: a jobless carefree guy, is asked by a young IT employee, incidentally the girl he is in love with, to escort her from Bangalore to Mumbai. The incident that happen and the obstacles they have to face and how they bond together during the journey, forms the crux.

The journey of two strangers-a jobless carefree man,and a woman with whom he has fallen in love. Upon the woman's request, he drives her to Mumbai, while a group of gangsters follow them, planning to kidnap the woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olivia T (ca) wrote: Bonus points for Sigur Rs on the soundtrack!

Valentina K (au) wrote: Creative and well-made, albeit predictable.

Aaron G (de) wrote: Unfortunately I'm too much of a grump to appreciate this endlessly bubbly half-parody, half-love letter to Disney from Disney by Disney.

Emma B (br) wrote: I thank god every day that real life inspired the book, which inspired this film, which inspired the fantastic TV series.

Dann M (us) wrote: The Looney Tunes make their triumphant return to the big screen with Back in Action, a hilarious romp full of laughs. Directed by Joe Dante, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck stumble upon a nefarious plot by Acme to steal the Blue Monkey Diamond in a quest for world domination. Starring Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman, Timothy Dalton, and Steve Martin, the film has a solid cast with a lot of comedic talent. And, the Looney Tunes characters are used especially well; with each getting a moment to shine. Delivering their classic comedy stylings, Looney Tunes: Back in Action is terrifically entertaining and tons of fun.

Gaspar O (kr) wrote: The word that comes to mind is peculiar. Odd also seems rather accurate. It was peculiarly interesting and oddly satisfying, but strange. Did I mention that it was strange? Marisa was hot as always though, so that's a plus.

Michael O (br) wrote: Outdated-I saw in in mid 8os when made-got some tits and arse in it but shit really.

Bruce s (mx) wrote: it was good then we groow up

John G (nl) wrote: Worth every star! classic! Timeless!

Jin T (fr) wrote: Remake of the 1976 movie, this time Chlo Grace Moretz portrays the ever famous insecured yet delicate character, Carrie. I haven't seen the classic film for a long time and I saw it when I was a kid. The movie reminded me of not to mess with girls like her! The power that Carrie possesses seems to be explored a little bit more in this film and we also get to see more of Carrie's characteristics. Perhaps they wanted this movie to be more of a exploration of the essential elements of the story such as the so-called telekinesis and Carrie herself. The story starts off in a quite demented way, if you ask me. I thought Julianne Moore performed well. I thought everybody did but some scenes where every single student is making fun of Carrie seems quite exaggerated unless there is a school that actually has students like that, I'll take back what I said. Other than that, the movie simply shows how a timid teenager becomes this powerful being that brings chaos and destruction on everything because supposedly being tricked by the idiot teenagers. And that's what I think is the moral of the story in this movie. Teenagers becoming bullies, even without apparent reason to target the weak and it has been like that ever since, I would know. I've been on both sides and it's not a pretty thing at all. But I'm not going to rant on about the concept of bullying but rather this movie is actually pretty good. I thought it would just be another mediocre remake of a classic horror movie that's already established to be THE classic movie nevertheless but I thought it was not that bad at all. There were a few flaws I've found in the movie but they're not much of a problem like any other movie that I've reviewed before. One of them was the idea that Sue's boyfriend didn't tell Carrie that he's doing it out of "charity". More specifically, to just do it because Sue suggested that Carrie deserves a "magical night" at the prom. While it's good and all to have that kind of consideration but they lack the tendency to actually be in Carrie's shoes, in her perspective. The generosity was too much for my taste but then again, it is a horror movie after all. No matter how much I yell at the screen (which I didn't by the way), they're not gonna actually listen to me. What happens, happens and it is to be expected anyhow. The CGI effects are good enough, believable. The part where Carrie learns more about her power was interesting. 2013 movie version of Carrie is another movie to enjoy watching. Especially if you're a horror movie buff, this is something to not miss out on for. But then again, it's okay to miss out on for anyways. It's not recommended but it is suggested. Good movie, Chlo Grace Moretz was awesome, and Judy Greer survived another chaotic moment.

Andrew K (ag) wrote: It was nice to see Errol Flynn get a role that didn't involve swords. A little slow to start, but overall a quality film. The family interactions were funny, and Flynn nails the part. Cocky, suave, and classy, with some great athletic ability. Recommended.

Ilja S (gb) wrote: It gets some laughs, but is mostly gross and hard to endure.

Alejandro S (ru) wrote: Brillante! Mi pelcula favorita de la serie Peanuts y ciertamente una de mis favoritas en general. Gran guin centrado en Snoopy pero que permite a otros personajes desarrollarse tambin, aportando a un aspecto del pasado de Snoopy que la gente no saba. Una obra maestra de 1972 que todava hoy no pierde su encanto. Espero que si logran verla, lo hagan en su versin doblada al espaol, la cual es muy buena e inclusive traduce las canciones. Aporta un valioso mensaje sobre la amistad y la lealtad. Altamente recomendada.

Incognit00 P (br) wrote: Ohh Gosh.. what a waste of time... not even a 1/2 star's worth.