Paja i Jare

Paja i Jare

The adventures of a truck driver and his fellow associate, who both leave their company refusing to meet the newly introduced criteria of having elementary school degree. Being in their 40s...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:school,   truck,   trucker,  

The adventures of a truck driver and his fellow associate, who both leave their company refusing to meet the newly introduced criteria of having elementary school degree. Being in their 40s... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerome P (ag) wrote: It was okay...I guess...mostly forgettable though.

Bill U (gb) wrote: Another Michael Moore classic. This one is available for free online, but after watching it I bought a copy. As always he offers a message that we will never get from the pre-programmed press corp we have currently.

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Mark A (us) wrote: Meh! Could take it or leave it.

Matthew H (de) wrote: Not bad for Eddie Murphy, as the movie is weird and kooky in a fun way, and I found myself enjoying it, in a twisted, indirect way. The series may not be perfect, but it's a little bit funny, at best.

Lauren W (de) wrote: This movie was absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible! All of the stereotypes were over the top and I loved it. There were a couple of moments where I felt things fell a little flat, but mostly, I was laughing like crazy. I also feel like an extra touch of hands here or there would have given a bit more to the boys' relationship, but there were some good looks between them. I would definitely recommend this film. Miss I-don't-like-comedies is certainly liking them tonight!

Ryan H (es) wrote: It's really interesting to see a film that doesn't really come out and tell you much. Instead, Polanski gives you information and lets you take what you want. The film opens up with Andrew and Krystyna arguing about her driving. Then as soon as they pick up the hitchhiker, it turns into a dick measuring contest. Andrew wants to show the hitchhiker how to live. Perhaps we don't understand right away, but there is a connection right away. It never feels completely random that Andrew asks him to sail with them when they reach the boat. Yes, the young man was just randomly picked up, but there has to be more. And so it begins. It's a battle of class and a battle of age. Andrew tells him that sailing requires brains, not brawn. He and his wife point out how he acts like a child on board. Well he must not enjoy it because he's a child, right? But it seems like this couple is just trying to find a way to tolerate each other, so they find their connection at how they have this experience to share. The hitchhiker keeps getting aggravated, but he never leaves. He wants to prove he's a man; perhaps not to these people, but himself. The tension built in the film is fantastic. Just the knife on the boat makes us weary of something that might happen. The hitchhiker also says he can't swim. These people are out on the water in a battle. Polanski frames the film to never let us escape. I'm just not sure how I feel about the ending. **SPOILERS**What was the point of the hitchhiker and Krystyna having sex? Just for the ending where we can see that the couple will go on with their terrible relationship? It has been evaluated, but nothing changed. I can see that, but I think it would have been interesting to do it in another way. At the same time, the sexuality with Krystyna's couple of scenes of nakedness is played out well. I'm just wishy-washy on it. The film is paced brilliantly so that we really feel like we are in the experience with these people. An amazing effort for Polanski's first feature.

Rebecca W (gb) wrote: An AMAZING movie.The proof that those that have done wrong CAN change. Jamie Foxx was fantastic. I wished it went more into the Books and thier effects on society though.

Daniel S (kr) wrote: A highly conditional rating, here. Four stars is speaking from my standpoint as a lover of monster designs, costumes, makeup, scene design, and practical effects - all of which this movie puts on glorious parade. If you share a real fondness for those, this film is an absolute visual treat, packed to the gills with creativity like a morbid, bloody Jim Henson feature. On the other hand, the plot and characters are weak and cliche, and it's riddled with plot holes, bad exposition, and trite dialogue. If you're not likely to adore the visual elements like I did, you can probably shave two and a half stars off.

Rj P (br) wrote: It certainly seems that Kurt has more than just feelings of Friendship for Mark - the movie has a constant flow of homoerotic images - and we do not really know what happens in the tent over night - or more importantly when alone at the hot springs. It is very Brokeback-lite set in modern times without any of the sex but still that longing and man crush is there on the part of Kurt at least..... also a beautiful escape to the Pacific Northwest.