Pájaros muertos

Pájaros muertos

A black comedy about a group of characters whose lives change when a dead sparrow appears in the urbanization they are living in.

A black comedy about a group of characters whose lives change when a dead sparrow appears in the urbanization they are living in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Haider S (ru) wrote: V funny must watchh 1st half was okay 2nd half was rocking!!!!!

Steve K (fr) wrote: Surprisingly brutal and violent animated take on Turok. Nothing new here, certainly predictable, but done well enough. Gets by quite a bit on the pure shock of how bloody it is. This one ain't for kiddies.

Jeff H (ca) wrote: Another one of my guilty pleasure DCOM indulgences. Hillary Duff... <3 B

Akhil A (de) wrote: He surely was inspired by Bollywood .!!!!

Renato G (ca) wrote: Another decent musical from MGM... Nice film but could have been much better considering Garland, Astaire and Berlin were involved!

Justine C (br) wrote: These movies are comfort food to me. This is one of the funniest.

Marco F (br) wrote: What were the studio executives and the people involved in this movie thinking when they decided to make this travesty? STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT is (quoting Gene Siskel) a shockingly bad film. It is mind-numbingly stupid, pathetic and embarassingly desperate in the actors' attempts to pry some kind of good material from this wasteland of a production- the film seems almost like a cry for help. It is a film completely ill-conceived from the very first page of the shooting script. The script is absolutely awful- one of the worst ever written for a major greenlit Hollywood production. It clunks loudly and horribly through every line uttered by all the actors, who are all unfortunately horrible in this movie. Aside from some of the production values, I cannot think of anything good about this movie. It is a completely bankrupt production made from a completely bankrupt script. I could see it on the actor's faces that they wanted to get something out of this unbelievably bad script. They even seemed embarassed to utter lines of dialogue. The movie did quite well at the Razzies in 1993; deservedly so. This is a movie to be laughed at, not laughed with.

Nathan K (gb) wrote: great movie, deserves a better score

Greg R (kr) wrote: Feel-good, gentle, heartwarming and beyond funny, Mon Oncle is a wonderful Jacque Tati classic film looking to the wonders of even the small things we have in our world (or I should say in their world since this is a film from the 50's)

Andrew R (fr) wrote: An enjoyable Woody Allen film that takes elements from films like Fritz Lang's masterpiece M, and Bergmans Stardust and Tinsel. A film that isn't as much of a comedy as I was expected but still had its funny moments. The film is much more enjoyable on an intellectual level I like some of the subjects Allen discusses in this feature. Certainly not his best work, but definitely has enough in it to enjoy with a stellar supporting cast.