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Pájaros volando


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Jacky L (mx) wrote: real mixed feelings about this one. jim broadbent and lindsay duncan were great but the film was also kinda pretentious-like. while some parts were very real (the portrayal of this 30-year old relationship: how when love goes, and life gets in the way), some were hard to believe. wouldn't call this a straight-out comedy case you're looking' for a laugh-out-loud.

Roxanne R (ru) wrote: I knew that the Walmart top echelon was greedy and corrupted but my God, I had no idea to what extent until I saw this revealing documentary. Interviews with ex-Walmart managers that expose the corruption behind this giant retailer. This family for years has ranked on the top 20 of the world's billionaires; now see how they truly made their wealth.

Joe H (us) wrote: This movie didn't know if it wanted to be a flat out comedy or a serio comedy. It was poorly written. Hard to believe Chris Pine's character could be so naive. Anjali is a nice fresh face.

Luke L (mx) wrote: This Iz Funny..Ebo;)

Edwina H (de) wrote: "Don't talk to me. I love you, you're a good guy."Ultimate opening ending film!

Naomi B (fr) wrote: Wonderfully done. very emotional movie

Brandon V (es) wrote: #freshmanfilmclassnostalgia

Simon S (nl) wrote: Pretty entertaining I guess.. like the whole subculture theme..

Anna L (ag) wrote: Love Lange's performance as mentally deteriorating actress Frances Farmer.

Private U (it) wrote: wonderful Russian horror flick

James J (nl) wrote: good flick great acting shame bout ending but apart from that it was good 6/10