Eun-mo is back in her hometown, Paju after spending three years of soul searching in India. However the reality she returns to is far from comforting as she is faced with a dreaded reunion with her widower brother-in-law, Joong-shik. Almost a decade ago when Joong-shik came to Paju as a student activist futitive, Eun-mo never took a liking to Joong-shik who ended up marrying her older sister, Eun-soo. But she was forced to live with him when a tragic accident took her sister’s life. During a course of three years, Eun-mo gradually discovered she was carrying complex emotions toward Joong-shik. Having felt trapped, she decideed to leave Paju. Eun-mo believed she had resolved all emotional conflicts in India, but as she digs further into her sister’s death, she becomes torn between the truth and her feelings for Joong-shik.

Paju, is the name of a place everyone has heard of but don't really know. There, we see a man sharing the lot of the neglected, and the women surrounding him. Bearing the paradox of liaison... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Veniea T (it) wrote: I hope that it is good

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