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Ben R (jp) wrote: Title should be: The Disappointments... boom! done!

Dave R (us) wrote: Well there sure was alot of talking in this one but then the gun play started and the ass kicking oh boy I liked it afterwards Wesley Snipes still got it thats for sure

Huw G (de) wrote: Darker than I usually like, but very well done. Characters draw you in, & it keeps you nervous right to the end. The suburban version of the inner city Adulthood.

TTT C (de) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up Not quite as fun as its predecessor, but it was still entertaining with all its blood, guts, boobs, and "Southern" humor.

Matthew D (es) wrote: Aimed at a much younger audience than most DC comics' animation I wasn'texpecting more than a light-hearted, dynamic romp. We get that, but by making this Robin's story we get some nice stuff about the nature of being a hero and a team leader and a twisting detective plot.

Justin T (ca) wrote: Innovative for it's time, with some interesting ideas but seems a bit dated now. The character design is very old school but the scenery and cinematography are still top notch. The story seems a lot like Blade Runner. Before you know it the movie ends.

Linda N (ru) wrote: Very good movie! I was pleasantly surprised as I never heard of it before. Great acting. I like the story line as well, it keeps u curious

Tom H (ca) wrote: jeez, one of the worst movies i have ever seen. stay clear of this one!

Kaneda (de) wrote: [b]Miller's Crossing[/b] - This will restore your faith in the cinema. Savagely brilliant written dialogue. Gabriel Byrne is brilliant in everything, and he was made for this role. [b]8mm2[/b] - I ended up fast-forwarding through the majority of it, dispite the nudity. [b]The Constant Gardner[/b] - Eh, I'm not quite sure what to think. The trailer paints it as a fast paced spy/thriller of sorts, when in actuality its a slow character driven drama. I have other complaints, but none are valid enough to mention. [b]Stripped to Kill[/b] - So bad its good. Here's the tagline on the cover: "A serial killer is killing strippers. Detective soandso has only one weapon to use against him...her body." 6.5 Dr. Uwe Boll's out of 10 [b]Spy Game[/b] - Tony Scott's masterpiece, in this reviewers humble opinion. It just gets better and better with each viewing.

Spencer C (es) wrote: A rare film that examines the life of an illegal immigrant from a personal, intimate perspective. Less of a depiction than a document.

Neal J (us) wrote: Not Eastwoods best film, but Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman carry this movie like true champions. Sure Clint Eastwood could've had more rugby scene just as he could've spent more time on the important social issues plaguing South Africa at that time, but hey, this ain't an epic, nor a character study - it's a film about a sport galvanizing a whole country.