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Brian M (ca) wrote: eh... not a huge fan of Curious George.. just ok.. kids seemed to enjoyed it.. bright colors..thats about all i have to say about this..

Mike L (br) wrote: The premise may have actually been a good one in better was just cheesy and not believable at all...not done well

Nathan S (nl) wrote: I am not that impressed with negativity, but his description of taking the bus to go yell profanities at congressmen did tickle me. Like most comedians, there are points I agree with, and ones that I don?t. In all I am glad his voice is heard.

Hollie T (it) wrote: Absolutely adorable and enjoyable!

Christopher S (br) wrote: This will always be one of my personal "worst movies I have ever seen."

Aleksandra D (ca) wrote: Don't live your life in black and white

Kendall I (jp) wrote: Now this is the way horror is supposed to be done! This glorifies the name of horror films. What I mean is,it has everything it should:a good story,scary moments,a meaning,and interest. When photographer Tun and his fiance, Jane, are driving home from a small party,they hit a girl. They get scared and drive off. Later, in every photo Tun takes, a ghostly image appears. They must find out what this is and how to stop it. The effects are kind of B-movie like,but they still rock. This film actually SCARED me. Nowadays,it takes a lot to do so. What can I say? Asian horror is better than American in most terms. For a horror-lover, this could get predictable, but it has a few twists that try to throw you off. The only other pproblem I had besides predictability, is the unnecessary scene where Tun kicks the bathroom stall open, thinking he'll find THE ghost and he finds a transvestiet. What the hell,man? That doesn't make any sense! Overall, an awesome Aisan horror,with only few flaws. Few enough to bring honor to the horror name.

Alexander C (it) wrote: YUCK my be worth watching!

Aaron S (ru) wrote: Can Larry Clark do any wrong?

Brett A (br) wrote: Great romantic movie with a real twist. Ghost on a whole different level

Philip L (fr) wrote: By far the best of the original's sequels as the planet of the apes is born. Caesar rises Malcolm X like as 'race' riots analogies break out over the futuristic Earth. Ricardo Montalban's role is too short. The original set of movies should have ended with this one.

Beaver S (nl) wrote: What fucking asshole would rate this movie anything lower then a 5 should be castrated fucking narcotics agent I knew it

Ryan B (nl) wrote: Classic film which i remember watching whilst at my nans house a youngster. A great film which has some good gaffs and a generally feel good story.

stefano l (ca) wrote: When James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Rachel McAdams altogether can't create any interest in a movie, something really bad must be behind it. For example the plot and the dialogues, or the director. Or the three things together.

Ryan V (de) wrote: A top notch cast, impeccable directing, and a blend of mood, style, and sustained tension make this an enduring classic. If all you know of Bogart is Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, give this a look.