Palace of Venus

Palace of Venus


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Palace of Venus torrent reviews

Charlie M (jp) wrote: Former ballplayer struggles with romance in this comedy that seems lost in its narrative.

Chelsea E (jp) wrote: This was good. It was fun watching the whole process unfold before your eyes with extra facts along the way.

Melanie D (ag) wrote: Made my friends and I scream while having a sleepover, but that's pretty much the best this movie is capable of doing.

Gonalo D (ru) wrote: Comedia aprentemente inocente que se pone negra, negrsima casi al final. Inesperado.

Jay L (ca) wrote: "Win at any and all costs.."

Mark T (br) wrote: From 1972, they dont make horror films like this anymore (thank god). Not one of Hammer films best in the vampire genre, stick with the Dracula series, but the lovely Caroline Munro makes up for the lack of thrills.

bill b (kr) wrote: hmmmmm... what to say here.... no idea

Loyal D (kr) wrote: I thought that it was really funny. It is an average road trip lost and nature vibe. It has a few twists and turns and actually tells a cool story about how something negative can be turned into a positive!