"Fragile Heaven" - India.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Palatak 1963 full movies, Palatak torrents movie

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Igor T (es) wrote: I like Teemu, who does not. However, his biography is far away from the best ones I have seen as it just does not dig deep enough into his life and personality. Mostly it is an overview of his hockey career and personal best moments presented in chrono-illogical order and followed by the same lines (of praise) from different people on how likeable and special Teemu is. See it only, if you are a true hockey/Teemu fan.

Nicola C (de) wrote: I was expecting to see a Sci Fi flick but as I saw how this movie developed I realized the Sci Fi aspect was merely a background. I wasn't disappointed. It's a good story with very fine acting and there were some surprises in the end making it an excellent story. Its not for everyone but but for those who enjoy a solid human story you won't find better.

Jon H (kr) wrote: While on a basic level this is essentially "Top Chef: High School," it's also much more. One part documentary truth mixed with a few parts Real World truthiness, it's moving in the same way "Hoop Dreams" was, and - like that movie - seems to be about everything all at once. Highly recommended. P.S. I desperately have to go to sleep now.

CJ C (kr) wrote: Bad acting, lotsa boobs & gore. Reminded me of a TROMA.

little e (au) wrote: Spent me a long time to finish it. A good story about life...

Yngve G (fr) wrote: Nt s ovanligt som en svenskproducerad Hollywoodfilm. Jack Ersgrds film r ovanligt osvensk; trots flera svenska skdisar, bl a brorsan Joakim Ersgrd och Ola Rapace

A L (au) wrote: Cheap, clumsy, and corny, this sequel strips the charms of its pretty good predecessor, and instead replaces them with robotic Santa antics and confusing questions about legal custodies.

Sam D (jp) wrote: Most probably the greatest action movie known to man

Eric H (fr) wrote: A predictable fantasy as character after character is killed in a series of uninspired set pieces and the final battle with the Beast is so badly done you feel robbed. Plus if you are a galactic conqueror wouldn't you spend the extra cash and get your henchmen guns that fire more than one shot before they have to be flipped and turned into traditional bladed weapons? The appeal of this movie however is purely in its nostalgia factor. I watched this as a young boy and loved it even if I knew it wasn't the greatest movie my Dad had sat me down in front of. I watch this movie now to take me back to those days when life was simpler and Lysette Anthony was everything I wanted in a woman.

Joanna S (fr) wrote: "That's what love is - bells and banjos playing? How they brainwash you! And here I spend my whole life like a nut waiting for what? A stranger."

Ian F (it) wrote: I loved the soundtrack! LOVED IT!!!!! However, while all the other elements were very well done, I couldn't put my finger on what was off. It was good, I just didn't like it. Oh my God! George Hamilton was once young and good looking! LOL!

Black F (ca) wrote: what the hell were you thinking Eddie?

Joanna N (it) wrote: Entertaining enough but a very shallow and not entirely factual depiction of a true story.