Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein

Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein

Ravi (Rajesh Khanna) accidentally lands a job as postman in a remote village after being an unemployed college graduate for some Time. He meets a variety of people as he fits into rural ...

Ravi (Rajesh Khanna) accidentally lands a job as postman in a remote village after being an unemployed college graduate for some Time. He meets a variety of people as he fits into rural ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aidan H (us) wrote: A bit overrated but still very enjoyable.

Vincent T (it) wrote: May Odin Smite Jake R's Genitalia. Because this movie was worth the Downlo- er- i - mean rental.

Jason P (ag) wrote: Needed more Batista but not bad

Tanvir M (kr) wrote: A whimsical comedy drama, benefiting immensely from an interesting script and strong performances from Adams, Blunt and Arkin.

M P (au) wrote: This film is a simple case of an overweight man who is not happy with his life and wants to find someone to eat cheese with. Early on, the film makes sure you know nothing is going well for the main character, James, and he is not doing anything to help himself. It continues to get worse and worse but James fails to acknowledge anything is wrong. I was actually frustrated with the character for taking everything in such stride.I would have to say that Silverman is the perfect actor to play a crazy and I did not find her annoying but her part was trivial. It just further added that his life was completely a waste, a fact the film already drove home. Many scenes in the film that were pointless. At one point James is in a group therapy session for women with eating disorders, a place he does not belong. None of the side stories are answered and who the hell is his next door neighbor!?"I want someone to eat cheese with" prolonged its inevitable ending and failed to deliver anything that makes it worthy to watch. I often felt outside the loop on many of the jokes so unless you are in the loop skip this.

Mike M (gb) wrote: There is much to be said for this kind of patient, adult filmmaking, a form that teases out its various tensions and connections; for all the killer (a dodgy electrician, natch) rants and raves about pylons and power stations, Lawrence's film seeks to absorb rather than electrify us - that he'll happily leave to other Transformers... Byrne and Linney are simply very convincing as a lived-in pair fraying at a higher rate than usual, and Lawrence is particularly good (and notably bold) in demonstrating the effects of their indifference upon the tale's children. If I have one reservation about "Jindabyne", it's that it retains this whiff of the laboratory from start to finish, as though this isolated town were no more than a director's bell jar or ant colony. Shortly before the finale - which demonstrates almost as much sentimentality around the film's Aboriginal characters as certain white American filmmakers do around their black characters - Linney is told "this isn't about you". "It's about all of us," she responds, "I mean, who are we?" Clumsy in places, then - its lapses and deliberation perhaps attributable to having to translate from short cut to long form, one hemisphere to another (where "Lantana" developed organically, like the brushweed it was named for) - but it does roll up its sleeves and keep poking at several of the big themes of our times: our responsibility to ourselves and each other, and the terrible things that can happen whenever we're allowed off the hook.

Antonia X (nl) wrote: Dark comedy set during the Balkan War. Very well acted.

Brett B (br) wrote: A mixed bag. One part is an artistic delight with fantastic imagery, an intriguing and original storyline and some good performances, whilst the other part is perhaps too much of the above making it impenetrable and hard to enjoy as a movie. Great, yet over-stylised.

Paul D (br) wrote: The spy story is fine, but the acting is terrible throughout, including Michael Caine who looks unconvincing as the hero charged with saving the day. It's supposed to be a third sequel but doesn't really do justice to the Harry Palmer saga, and it uses a cheap looking grade of film. The best sequence comes mid-way through after they get thrown off the train and need to find a way back on - maybe a homage to Silver Streak.

Ken S (jp) wrote: Peter Jackson directs this mockumentary about the discovery of a forgotten New Zealand filmmaker, who had made many innovations before many of these innovations had been recorded elsewhere...he even happened to catch the first flight on film...months before the Wright Brothers took off! Of course, the filmmaker never existed, and all the clips supposedly directed by him were in fact directed by Peter Jackson, who also plays host of the film. Everything is played so straight that I wouldn't be surprised if some were fooled by this, but I just enjoyed it plenty and laughed at a good portion.

RJohn X (us) wrote: WOAH. This really is just the outtakes from #2 huh? There are some wonderful shots of Denice Duff standing around with her cleavage, but really NOTHING else happens. My favorite character was the female victim that escapes with the trio at the end. She was awesome! Even Radu looked bored for most of this one. Too bad. Plus the little Subspecies creatures barely made an appearance. It was really disappointing. It is really too bad about this one, because the poster made the movie look really good. OH and Mummy goes out like a punk, really!

Private U (us) wrote: Perhaps not the best plot ever, but Winger and Redford pull it off, besides, who doesn't like "Singing in the Rain?"

Sonny P (us) wrote: expected more from hackman and coburn. slow movie.

Aleksandar J (ru) wrote: Ovo je komedija sa elementima fantastike - nekakav lik je ostao zamrznut 60ak godina i budi se u potpuno novom svijetu. Da ne bi dozivio preveliki sok, njegovi bliznji rekonstruisu vrijeme u kom je on zivio i likove s kojima je komunicirao. Francuske komedije su najcesce ostro polarizovane - ili su urnebesno smijesne i briljantne kao Andjeli cuvari (jedan od mojih omiljenih citata iz bilo kog filma, EVER: "Pisano je: Prvi ce biti posljednji i posljednji prvi. Imate srece. Vi ste zaista posljednji medju posljednjima.") ili apsolutno nepodnosljivi davezfest i test za zivce kao npr. Erik i Remzi. Hibernatus je izuzetak - dobar i zabavan film (narocito ako podnosite Luja de Fina) ali bez nekog laugh-out-loud humora.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Unspectacular but solid western headed by the always reliable Robert Ryan who plays a union soldier at the end of the Civil War who is looking to pardon the James/Younger Gang if they'll swear allegiance to The Union. However, crooked sheriff Robert Preston would rather bring them in for a reward and has Ryan arrested. Ryan and the James/Younger gang then go about getting their revenge on the smarmy Preston.

Steve G (fr) wrote: Twilight Zone-esque.

Kristen K (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time! So funny and so many good quotes came from this movie. It's my childhood.

Les L (jp) wrote: Good writing and great ensemble characters. Brilliant characters. And, it is the perfect "fairy tale" for today'. A movie star... That falls in love with a guy in a book shop. And the chaos and pain in her life, past and present, almost destroys any chance of happiness with the nice guy but she tries to overcome her fear and asks him to love her. And after he says no, in fear of heartbreak, a masturbating Welshman comes to the rescue. Even if you do not like Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant, the story works well and you can imagine a similar fairy tale about your Hollywood crush. The characters around the pair... Focus on their and their observations, advice, jokes and responses and you'll love the movie. Either way, you can't go wrong. Unless you truly hates the British, their accents, slang, etc. If you are that much against the British, you're likely French or an idiot. In the Top 5 romantic comedies of all time.

Mario M (mx) wrote: I like this movie since many years ... especially Matthew McConaughey is great here ... Toni